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WASC Committee Gives SJHHS Flawless Report

Erin Rickert's 4th period Anatomy class dissected cats throughout the month of February in order to expand their knowledge on the muscle system. Creating an interactive learning environment is one thing that SJHHS does in order to empower the minds of students and provide them with unforgettable educational experiences.

Taylor Rocha, Sports Editor

March 2, 2015

Visitors from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visited SJHHS on Tuesday, Feb. 24 to determine if SJHHS will remain an accredited academic institution. Accreditation means that all coursework completed here will be recognized by colleges and universities. “The WASC committee...

Tragedy Strikes San Juan Hills

Tragedy Strikes San Juan Hills

Josh Armstrong, Staff Writer

February 27, 2015

On Feb. 14, 2015, many Stallions lost a close friend and classmate, Uzair Qureshi, to his battle against cancer. Qureshi was very involved in school, he was part of the swim team and was devoted to his faith. His outgoing and generous nature radiated positivity wherever he went. Uzair had a few...

SJHHS Athletes Commit to Colleges

SIGNED SPORTY SCHOLARS: Vincent McFadden (12) and Emily Steil (12), fellow athletes, are ecstatic after the sign with colleges for sports. Vincent will be attending West Point University and Steil will be attending Iowa State University for soccer. Photo By Chetana Piravi

Braeden Schmitt, Feature Editor

February 6, 2015

Senior athletes Vincent McFadden and Emily Steil both committed to colleges on Wednesday. McFadden signed to the United States Military Academy and Steil committed to Iowa State University. “ Obviously, being able to be accepted into West Point for [McFadden] is a pretty big deal. They don’t just ...

President Obama’s Ratings Rise 9%

President Obama’s Ratings Rise 9%

Olivia Farber, Center-Spread

January 23, 2015

President Obama’s approval rating has risen nine percentage points in the last month, and his disapproval rate has dropped 10. The main reason Obama’s popularity has risen is the improving economy. The Washington Post News poll shows that 41 percent of people have a positive rate on the economy,...

Banned in 31 States, Corporal Punishment Still Exists in 19 States

Red States: active in corporal punishment.        
Blank States: the year these parents banned corporal punishment.

Kaela Lawson, Jackie Ruedisueli, Olivia Farber, and Macy Drew, In-Depth News Team

January 21, 2015

Revival of a Controversial Debate When Adrian Peterson, a running back on the Minnesota Vikings, was charged with child injury of his son after disciplining him it revived the controversial argument of the use of corporal punishment, and whether to use it in schools. Corporal punishment is defin...

Poll Shows Dirty Bathrooms a Problem

BREAKING SPIRITS BY BREAKING TOILETS: 37% of students polled said the H building boys bathroom was the dirtiest bathroom on campus, followed by buildings C and E. 63% of students were most to blame for the bathroom related problems. Photo by Andrew Fehlman

Macy Drew, Editor In Chief

January 21, 2015

86% of students polled by The Express said bathrooms at SJHHS are dirty or only moderately clean. Only 14% said they were clean. The survey also showed that 63% believed students were to blame for the foul conditions in the bathrooms and only 2% said it was the fault of custodial staff. According...

T-Shirts Cost ASB $15K in ’13-’14

T-Shirts Cost ASB $15K in '13-'14

Dallas Varner, Staff Writer, Club Editor

January 21, 2015

  “Free” t-shirts for sporting and other school events cost SJHHS ASB over $15,000 in the 2013-14 school year. Every year, ASB has T-shirt giveaways at big sporting events and dances. Shirts are given out at special events with themes such as neon, white-out, and black-outs. According to ASB adviser B...

The North Korean Propaganda Machine: Functioning Perfectly

Photo Courtesy of

James Gallaher, News Editor

January 21, 2015

  North Korea is the single most successful Orwellian police state in the world. Many other nations have tried to maintain a government like that of North Korea and failed. Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the USSR: All fell. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has gone on largely unabated...

Informative, Entertaining, Unplugged

James Brown from Azusa Pacific University, Sarah Kantari from UC Irvine , and Jameson Johnson from Northeastern University inform the juniors and seniors of San Juan Hills about their experiences in college. Six alumni returned to the theater on Friday, January 9 to enlighten future college students with information they could not receive from a University website. Photo by Chetana Piravi

Carlos Pita, Staff Writer

January 21, 2015

Filling every seat and answering every question, College Unplugged was a hit this year. College Unplugged is the event held in the theatre that has a panel of returning alumni. They answer questions any students have, and tell the truth about the college they are attending. With no filter. ¨I call...

Water Use in the US

THIRSTY FOR SOME WATER: After a tiring practice of soccer, Amanda Gould (11), Natalie Blackwelder (10), and Lexi Ortiz (10) decide to hydrate up on some water. Water has become scarce in California due to the drought. Hydration is the main key to keeping in tip top shape when being an athlete.

Brandi Ortiz, Fiction Writer

December 19, 2014

Water is a necessity of life. On average, the human body consists of 65% water. Therefore, it requires daily hydration to function properly, particularly eight-ounces of water. However, water has other uses. We use it to wash, to cook, etc. Although the rest of California seeks to save water,...

The Decision All Students’ Futures Rest Upon

THE COST OF EDUCATION: Choosing between a community college vs. a four-year University is a tough decision, but sometimes a college such as Saddleback can be more practical. Even though there are pros and cons to both sides, if cost is an issue with choosing a school, Saddleback is the best way to go.

Lily Grainger, Opinion Editor

December 12, 2014

As a freshman, the idea of going to college is daunting, but still far away. Sophomore year, it’s a bit closer, but still not a subject one needs to think about all that much. However, once a student hits junior and senior year, they’re on the cusp of their shift into the college life. The question...

America’s Excessive Holiday Spending

Maggie Barnes, Staff Writer

December 12, 2014

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Don we now our money. Over the years Americans keep spending more and more on the holidays. Forbes Magazine predicted that an average American spent around $750.00 in 2009...