Kindness Day Promotes Positive Culture on Campus

Donations to Laura's House are requested to benefit domestic violence shelter for women and children.

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Kindness Day Promotes Positive Culture on Campus

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Spreading kindness on campus will be the goal Wednesday, May 2. Students, teachers, and staff members are all joining to encourage kindness among all in our community.

The idea emerged as part of the Task Force for Change conversations. The day is meant to be a step toward building a more positive and kind culture.

The school will have donation bins for Laura’s House on campus for students to give back to their community.  They accept gently used clothes and even books that they sell at their thrift store where all of the proceeds go towards their domestic violence shelters for women and children.

Other school festivities include sundaes at lunch, kindness quotes spread across campus, and a yellow dress-up day.

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.”

— Aesop

Teaching staff and students are encouraged to get involved in creating the kind campus atmosphere desired for the day. After the morning announcements, there will be a school-wide activity of taking out our phones and sending a kind text to a friend or family member.

Event organizers envision a yellow campus with students and staff sporting the symbolic color of friendship and kindness.

“The idea is that as a campus, we spend the whole day being nice and pay it forward,” said lead organizer of the event Kristen Osborn.

Students who participate in making a kindness pledge can turn it in for a sundae served by our ASB and teachers at lunch time.

Those leading the event are also encouraging participants to use the hashtag #SJHHSKINDNESSDAY on all forms of social media. “The students will also pledge to spend 24 hours spreading ONLY positivity on social media,” added Osborn.

In all aspects of the day, the hope is for everyone on campus to focus on spreading kindness in any way possible on Kindness Day and everyday.

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