Model U.N. Team Wins Awards at South County Competition


Courtesy of Joshua Hunnicut

Out of the 28 SJHHS students who attended SOCOMUN, nine won awards. Top row (from left to right): Grace Dennen, Sophie Scullion, Cooper Murr, Tara Goldhammer, and Bonny Jimenez. Bottom row (from left to right): Emma Dart, Mohana Sen, Isabel Royal, and Grace Aitken.

Grace Aitken, Staff Writer

28 SJHHS students attended the SOCOMUN conference at Santa Margarita Catholic High School last Saturday. 1700 students from all over Southern California met to discuss and debate current issues facing the UN today.

Nine SJHHS students won awards. Grace Aitken, Emma Dart, Tara Goldhammer, Bonny Jimenez, Isabel Royal and Mohana Sen won Commendations. Grace Dennen, Cooper Murr and Sophie Scullion won Outstanding awards.

It was the first of four conferences that SJHHS will attend this year.