CUSD Passes Student Proposed Resolution on School Safety


Grace Aitken

From left to right: Jack Hartstein (12), Kyle Krueger (12), Ava Bachelder (11), and Jackson Hinkle (12), watch as their peers speak in favor of the new gun control resolution. The resolution passed 4-3.

Grace Aitken, Op-Ed Editor

CUSD voted to pass a new resolution on gun control, and school safety at the board meeting on April 25. A student proposed resolution that not only strengthens gun control in CUSD, but states that CUSD has to support gun control at a federal level. The resolution passed 4-3.

13 people spoke during the meeting, most of which were students who were for the resolution. Many of these students were influential in the writing and proposing of it.

The resolution focuses on increasing school safety in CUSD by putting students’ health first and advocating for gun control both in California and at the federal level.

CUSD will work with mental health professionals to implement policies that are best for its students since the resolution pushes for all students to have access to physical and mental health services.

The resolution also states that the district will fund programs that educate students, staff, and teachers on gun violence prevention.

It asks the California state government to allocate funds to increase security on school campuses, and states that the district will work with law enforcement officials to better protect students, teachers, and staff.

The resolution identifies that gun violence is a public health crisis and asks the federal government to implement common sense in gun legislation. It pushes congress to repeal the ban on researching gun safety by the Center for Disease Control and advocates for stronger universal background checks.

It asks congress to pass specific laws that allow family members and police officers to temporarily remove weapons from from those who show warning signs of commiting violence to themself or others.

This resolution will change school safety policies in CUSD, as well as set an example for other school districts in Orange County.