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  • Fiesta Dance Friday April 20 Upper Quad

  • AP Testing May 7-18

  • Les Mis Tickets on Sale (April 25-29)

  • SJHHS Earns 6 Year WASC Accreditation

  • May 2 is Kindness Day at SJHHS

  • Graduation Speech Meeting April 18 in J212 @ Lunch

2017-2018 Staff

Olivia Fu

Co Editor-in-Chief

Olivia is a senior at SJHHS and is super excited to be returning to The Express as Co Editor-in-Chief. She was the News Editor last year and is looking forward to  her third year in The Express. Olivia has been a part of the D...

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Sam Newman

Co Editor-in-Chief

Sam is in her senior year at SJHHS and is excited to start her third year in newspaper as a Co Editor-in-Chief of The Express. She is the Academic Decathlon Captain, as well as involved with National Honor Society, Link Crew, Model...

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Kaden Brown

Photo Editor

Kaden Brown is currently a senior and this is his second year on The Express staff. Kaden is excited to return this year as the Photo Editor. Kaden has a passion for music and photography, and he applies those in the frequent att...

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Gavin Aitken

Co-Sports Editor

Gavin Aitken is the editor of the sports section of The Express. Gavin is a senior and is in his third year of writing for The Express. He participates in multiple activities at SJHHS, and especially enjoys playing on the socce...

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Grace Aitken

Op-Ed Editor

Grace Aitken is the Op-Ed Editor for The Express. She is a sophomore, and this is her first year on the newpaper staff. Some of her favorite things to do are horseback riding and reading. She’s very interested in politics and l...

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Katie Brubaker

Feature Editor

This is Katie Brubaker’s second year on The Express newspaper staff. In the previous year, Katie was the Arts and Entertainment editor. This year she will be editor of the Feature section of the paper. Katie is a Junior at SJ...

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Logan Chavez

Video Editor

Logan Chavez is a junior at SJHHS, and this is his first year on the newspaper team. Logan loves to surf and spearfish; when he’s not at the beach, he spends the rest of his time working at In-n-Out Burger. Logan played volleyball...

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Ethan Clarke

Staff Writer

Ethan Clarke is a senior at SJHHS and this is his second year on the newspaper team. Ethan loves to surf and skateboard in his free time as well as listen and play music. Most of his time is spent hanging with friends, at the be...

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Claire Cone

Staff Writer

This is Claire’s first year writing for The Express, and she is looking forward to contributing some unique opinion articles to the newspaper. Claire is a part of the San Juan Hills' girls lacrosse team and is excited to be...

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Collin Easton

Staff Writer

Collin Easton is a junior at SJHHS who enjoys to play tennis for the school. In Collin’s free time, he loves to fish along the Pacific Ocean. Aside from fishing, Collin grew up in a surfing family where he was introduced to the ...

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Tatum Federman

Captions & Social Media Editor

Tatum Federman is a senior at San Juan Hills. This is her first year on The Express staff, and she is the Captions and Social Media Editor. She is the captain of the varsity cheer team and loves to be involved and support her...

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Kate Finman

News Editor

Kate Finman is a senior here at SJHHS and is so excited to be writing for her first year at The Express as the News Editor! In the past, she was an intern at the Ladera Times, and she is ready to continue her journalism career at t...

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Dalton Flores

Clubs Editor

Dalton is a junior at San Juan Hills High school, and is excited to start his second year writing for The Express as the new Clubs Editor. Dalton is a Link Crew leader and captain of the track and cross country team at school. ...

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Juan Galindo

Staff Writer

Juan is a senior at SJHHS this year and is thrilled to be a new team member of The Express. Juan has been in the Dual Immersion program since kindergarten and is currently trying to learn Italian. In his free time, Juan can almo...

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Brendan Gibson

Staff Writer

Brendan is a senior and in his second year on The Express newspaper staff. He has played on the school’s basketball team since freshman year. In addition to sports and journalism, he loves travel, Scrabble, and his dog. Aft...

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Riley Goodfellow

Editorial Editor

Riley is a current sophomore at SJHHS and thrilled to start her second year on The Express’s staff. As the new Editorial Editor for the newspaper, she truly hopes to have everyone’s voice heard! Riley is a book loving, har...

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Libby Gorton

Staff Writer

Libby is a freshman at San Juan Hills. She is a great writer who also loves photography and drawing. She has lots of interests, but she enjoys writing the most. She wants to be a director for movies when she is an adult and dr...

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Trazer Hazen

Sports Caption Editor

Trazer Hazen is a senior at SJHHS. He is going into his fourth and final year of football, and he will be playing on the varsity team. Trazer does not have much free time between football and school work, but he goes swimming when...

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Jackson Hirchag

Staff Writer

Jackson is excited to join the newspaper. It's his first year, and he can't wait to see what's in store. He loves to write about sports because he plays two: water polo and golf. Readers will be most likely enjoy his pieces on...

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Makayla Keelin

Arts & Graphics Editor

Makayla is a senior at SJHHS and is thrilled to be returning to The Express for her third year as the Arts and Graphics Editor. Whether she is drawing, writing, or playing the piano, Makayla strives to apply every last bit of c...

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Wil Kennedy

Art & Graphics Editor

Wil Kennedy is returning as a senior for his second year in The Express as the new Art and Graphics Editor. Last year on The Express staff, he created a large amount of the art and graphics that were found on both the website ...

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Lucy Law

A&E Editor

Lucy is a junior at San Juan Hills High School and is excited to start her second year of writing for The Express as the A&E Editor. When she’s not writing, Lucy can be found in the pool playing water polo or hanging out w...

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McKenzie M

A&E Editor

McKenzie is very excited for her second year on The Express. Besides her school studies, McKenzie dedicates most of her time to the ballet studio.  She has been dancing for 11 years now and has a true appreciation for the a...

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Kate Meyers

Girls Sports Editor

Kate is a freshman at SJHHS and the Girls Sports Editor of The Express. Her passion for photography and writing inspired her to apply for the newspaper, and she could not be happier to have a chance to write for SJHHS. Outsid...

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Jonathan Schniepp

Staff Writer

Jonny Schniepp is a senior who is joining the newspaper squad for his final year at San Juan Hills. In his free time, he enjoys surfing as well as fishing. He has been a competitor on the Surf Team here at San Juan for all f...

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