Julia Ransom’s 5K Fundraiser for Mental Health



This is a flyer from the foundation advertising the 5K that will take place on October 7. The ultimate goal behind the walk is to raise mental health awareness and money for research regarding adolescent mental and behavioral health issues.

Katie Brubaker and Kate Meyers

In January of 2017, a student at SJHHS rose above the adversity of loss and developed a plan that would reach far beyond the San Juan Capistrano community. Julia Ransom decided she was going to fundraise and call for the awareness of mental health by putting on a 5K race in honor of her late brother, James Ransom.

 “Fitness is such an important part of mental health, so that’s a really cool aspect of having the run for our foundation,”

— Julia Ransom

As a captain of the cross country team at SJHHS, Julia’s passion for running inspired her to put an active spin on this fundraiser rather than just having the community donate money to an organization.

“It’s a much more impactful platform since people are coming out and being a part of the event,” said Ransom. Also, since physical fitness is essential to both physical and mental health, Ransom wanted to incorporate the run into the fundraising process.“Fitness is such an important part of mental health, so that’s a really cool aspect of having the run for our foundation,” said Ransom.

To reach beyond the Capistrano community, Ransom decided to invite those outside of town, “I reached out to other highs schools in our area, so they will also be involved in the race. Also various running teams and people in the community in general that would love to support the cause,” said Ransom.

In regards to why the run is centered on adolescent behavioral and mental health, Julia explains that, “It’s a really underserved area in our community. Resources are very slim where we live.”

Since there are not many establishments for adolescent behavioral and mental health in our proximity, the proceeds of this run will all go to the Mission Hospital Foundation’s new mental health unit, so local kids and teens will have nearby access to a mental health facility.

The 5k will be at Oso Viejo Park in Mission Viejo, on October 7. “You don’t necessarily have to run. You can definitely walk, or donate online! Even just come out for the pasta dinner the night before!” said Ransom. This dinner will take place at Poet’s Park Tuberose street in Ladera Ranch from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

Soon, the Ransoms will be starting their own foundation so they can donate their proceeds to wherever they would like. Check out their website, www.JamesHenryRansomFoundation.org for more information regarding their fundraiser coming up on October 7 .