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Fossil Remains Uncovered Beneath Road Construction

SWIMMING IN LA PATA: Construction workers were expanding La Pata and stumbled upon fossils of sea animals. Fossilized parts of birds, sea lions, dolphins, walruses, sharks, and fish were found. Mako shark teeth were spread below the dirt, along with a shark’s vertebrae.

Gaby Luna, Caption Editor

December 5, 2014

Several fossils have been found beneath the new road connecting San Clemente to La Pata Ave. Supervisors of the road construction discovered the fossils sometime between late Sept. and early Oct. Fossilized parts of birds, sea lions, dolphins, walruses, sharks, and fish were found. Mako shark teeth...

New E-Cigarette Study Published

UP IN SMOKE: The photo above represents the rising popularity of e-cigarette (e-cig) users. New studies and surveys done by the Center for Disease Control explain the contents of the e-cigarette which contain compounds found in antifreeze and brake fluid. Along with the dramatically increasing number of users, specifically youth, the Food and Drug Association has not regulated many companies that produce e-cigs. Photo by Jon Williams.

Kaela Lawson, Staff Writer/ Center Spread Editor

November 21, 2014

In February of 2014, there were 215 phone calls per month to the Poison Control Center  regarding emergencies caused by electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). This shows a significant increase in the amount of e-cigs users since September of 2010, when there was only one phone call per month to the Poison...

Marquees are Coming

Carlos Pita, Staff Writer

November 21, 2014

From Friday night football games to drama’s riveting plays, SJHHS’ new marquee will advertise it all. Two marquees, rooflike structures that will project school events, will be installed by the end of this year. “The marquee was something that PTSA was pushing a couple years ago, they started...

Student Owned Company Produces Fall Dance

Student Owned Company Produces Fall Dance

Olivia Farber, Center Spread Editor

November 14, 2014

On Friday Nov. 7, San Juan Hills ASB organized a Fall glow dance after the home football game against Tesoro. ASB decided to have a Fall dance this year since Homecoming was unusually early. Normally, there is a Back-To-School dance, but this year it was removed. ASB thought of the fall dance to substitute...

ASB Brings Drone to Sky

BIG BROTHER’S WATCHFUL EYE: Flown by ASB’s president, Sanjan Kumar (12), SJHHS’s new aerial companion, the ASB drone, buzzes about Club Rush as it takes in the images of students hurrying from booth to booth. The new drone purchased via Amazon is a technological breakthrough in the CUSD district. It is also being considered by administration for new safety precautions at SJHHS.

Jackie Ruedisueli, A&E Editor

November 14, 2014

Look! Up in the air! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s ASB’s new drone! Making it’s official debut at October’s Club Rush, ASB has high expectations for their new technological breakthrough in the CUSD district. However, many wonder still, what even is a drone? As defined by Webster’s...

Elders vs Elders Game Rigged, Some Say

Dallas Varner, Staff Writer, Club Editor

November 5, 2014

For the first time in school history, ASB hosted a flag football game between the Seniors and the staff. This game was also known as Elders vs Elders. The game was played as a pep rally for the San Juan Hills football game against Dana Hills. Before the Elders vs Elders game, ASB hosted a “dolphin...

15 Chromebook Carts Coming to SJHHS

SJHHS is soon to receive a plentiful amount of Chromebooks.

Michael Cara, Staff Writer

November 5, 2014

Two years after the troubled iPad rollout in L.A. Unified, CUSD is in the middle of one of it’s biggest technology purchases in years. Bur rather than buying iPads for every student, CUSD is spending its money on the Google Chrome platform. The systems have no hard drives, instead using cloud storage...

Thespian Society Collects Cans for Kids

A variety of donated foods lie in wait to be gifted to those in need of their use. The Thespian Society has organized volunteers to distribute this culinary goodness as needed.

Valerie Ziesmer, Staff Writer

October 24, 2014

Trick-or-treating goes beyond seeing who can gain the most candy. The Thespian Society has hosted a month long challenge to gain 10,000 pounds of canned, non-perishable foods to give back to the community. The Thespian Society is  “an honors society for people in theatre arts and actors,” as...

Concealed Weapons Permits on the Rise in OC

Concealed Weapons Permits on the Rise in OC

Kaela Lawson, Staff Writer

October 17, 2014

Permits to carry concealed weapons are on the rise in Orange County as a result of a court ruling last February, relaxing standards on acquiring a concealed carry weapons permit, or CCW. In August of 2013 there were less than a 1,000 active or pending applications and in August of 2014 there were...

Enterovirus 68 Resurfaces in the U.S

Brandi Ortiz, Fiction Editor

October 15, 2014

The first case of Enterovirus 68 was seen in 1962, but it has never been a national threat until now. Similar to polio, the virus shuts down the body and leads to paralysis, respiratory issues and even death in the worst cases. Over 153 confirmed cases exist in the U.S , 32 of them found in California...

Return of the Blood Moon

The Blood Moon occurs during a lunar eclipse.

Brandi Ortiz, Fiction Editor

October 15, 2014

What better time for a Blood Moon than in October, a month of mystery and horror? Halloween is right around the corner and America has already been blessed with an unforgettable sight, the Blood Moon. A rare sight in the past, it is expected to appear several more times in the future. The first...

A Simulation of the Attempt for World Peace

MUN is an elective class held during zero period in Mr. Baker's classroom, H211.

James Gallaher, News Editor

October 10, 2014

Model United Nations; generally referred to MUN, is a program that high schools around the country take part in. “It’s a mock representation of what the real United Nations does,” said Diego Bennett, the Director General of Conference Preparation for MUN. The students in the MUN class are...