Future Leaders of SJHHS Elected

Dalton Flores, Clubs Editor

SJHHS has experienced a record breaking total number of voters in the recent election for ASB Elected Officers.

This year, there were four runoff elections after the first round of voting not producing a candidate that won by 50% or more. The winners of the runoff elections were Taylor Rodriguez for ASB Treasurer, Tyler Bates for Sophomore President, and Rhett Bourne for Sophomore Vice President.

The new ASB President for the 2018-2019 school year is Izzy Bolotin along with ASB Vice President Brigham Hill. Running unopposed, the new ASB Secretary is Olivia Huff.

Next school year’s Senior class will have Stephen Margaretis as the Class President along with Darius Jackson as his Vice President. The future leaders of the Junior class will be President Cole Bourne with his Vice President Austin Shreeve.

The freshman this year had a total voter turnout of 70%, while juniors had 66% along with the sophomores at 51%.