Girls Water Polo: CIF Final


Photo Courtesy of Cari Brandt

The team smiles for a photo after their victory against Yucaipa who was ranked #1 in the division at the time.

Sofia Bello, Staff Writer

Ready or not here they come. 

With the CIF finals coming up on February 19th, the Girls Water Polo team is ready to dominate. “We’ve had our eyes on winning CIF for a while and know that we have to push ourselves in order to get there,” said Cari Brandt, a senior on varsity. 

With daily 2 hour practices plus an hour of weight room twice a week, these girls are physically confident. But in order to win, they know that mentally, they have to bring their A-game. “Mentality is a big part of the preparation as well. We all know the second we walk onto the pool deck it’s time to focus on the game and get in the right headspace,” said Brandt. 

During the season, the girls and coaches have grown so close that they are like one big family. No matter what they’re doing it always ends in laughter. One of Brandt’s favorite memories is when they beat Yucaipa High School and scored the winning goal in the last few minutes. At the time Yucaipa was ranked the number one team in their division. 

The girls will continue on to finals, where they hope to grow more as a team and learn through this amazing experience. “Honesty and expressing your emotions are important to ensure that your team is always on the same page,” said Brandt.