Self Care; Don’t Do the Bare Minimum


Eva Smedeby

The typical self care regime usually correlates with a “one and done” scenario. Going to the spa is just one of the many examples of this, where people treat themselves to an hour of relaxation once in a blue moon when it’s truly the bare minimum of what they could be doing.

Eva Smedeby, Arts and Entertainment Editor

When a person is told to “treat themselves” or “take some time off,” one typically thinks of taking a nap, going on their phone, wearing a face mask, or watching some TV. Although, no matter how relaxing these activities seem, they are simply excuses for doing the bare minimum for yourself, as long term self care breaches far deeper than a face mask.

The common mistake regarding self care is always the same thing, where people replace needed internal reflection with surface level activities. The term “glow up,” for example, is the commonality of what people usually result in when they are feeling bad about themselves. Whether it includes getting one’s hair done, pampering their skin, buying a new outfit or even gaining a new piercing, all of these are, as stated, surface level.

Now, it’s not to say that treating yourself on the outside is a bad thing, as it’s definitely healthy to feel good externally, but that can’t be the sole resolution, as there’s only so much that physical change in appearance can do for you. It may offer a week or two of confidence, maybe a month, but it won’t cause lasting happiness nor will it heal any inner turmoil long term. 

There’s only so much that physical change in appearance can do for you

— Eva Smedeby

To indulge in continuously beneficial self care, one has to acknowledge and pursue activities that they truly adore. Whether that be skateboarding, crafting, reading, hanging out with friends, or absolutely anything and everything, it’s important to get yourself active beyond sitting around or changing and heighting your appearance. 

Getting oneself to do hands on pastimes rather than being immobile is what starts up some of the best experiences and memories, both of which are evidently important for anyone’s life.

Time is another key factor in self care’s success, as a “one and done” scenario will leave you back at the starting line in a week or so without the motivation to go back and finish the race. To truly be kind to yourself, one has to give themselves opportunity, which can be hard considering free time is seemingly inaccessible when schedules and work pile up, but it’s necessary to prioritize yourself over work. Consistency is crucial my friends, and with it you’re much less likely to feel the brutaling wrath of life in which you would by simply not living it. 

The only person controlling time and what you do with it is yourself

— Eva Smedeby

On behalf of the discussion of time, one cannot succumb to excuses for limiting themselves, especially regarding the overused term “time is not on my side.” Last moment I checked, time is not a person nor a thing, where the true beholder of it is… yourself! Yes, you heard it here folks, and write that truth onto your forehead if you have to. The only person controlling time and what you do with it is yourself, so hold back the excuses, and stop limiting yourself from experiencing the glories in life.

The world is truly your oyster, and if it hasn’t been feeling like it lately, then it’s time to change your self care routine.