The Enneagram: The Only Accurate Personality Test


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There are 9 enneagram types. A person can have a secondary type, a “wing” next to their primary type. For instance, type 2’s can have a type 1 or 3 wing, type 3’s can have a 2 or 4 wing, and so on.

Riley Goodfellow, Co Editor-in-Chief

In a world full of outside influences, it is sometimes hard to know who you are or what makes you, you.
Buzzfeed and astrology might try and convince you that the food you eat or the month you were born in has something to do with your core values, however, the Enneagram Test is the only accurate explanation of who you truly are.

The Enneagram personality theory is thoroughly researched. There are nine different personality types and each one has a certain view of the world. By taking the test, which concentrates on the way you handle your emotions and view your surroundings, you are able to accurately find out what category you fall into.

The different personality types are: Type 1 – The Reformer, Type 2 – The Helper, Type 3 – The Achiever, Type 4 – The Individualist, Type 5 – The Investigator, Type 6 – The Loyalist, Type 7 – The Enthusiast, Type 8 – The Challenger, and Type 9 – The Peacemaker.
People who are Type 1 are described as perfectionistic, and rational and Type 2 are seen to be caring and generous. Type 3 are perceived as people who strive to excel and, consequently are driven, whereas Type 4 are sensitive and expressive. Type 5 are logical and innovative, Type 6 are responsible and committed, and Type 7 are seen to be fun, and spontaneous.Type 8 are perceived to be confident, and powerful, and Type 9 as receptive and easygoing.

Each type deals with stress and happiness in a certain way, but, you are not bound to be exactly like everyone else in your category. This is because there is a spectrum within your core type that you can fall on either side of, which are called wings. Many people strongly identify with their core type as well as their wing.
Although you may belong to a certain personality type, the way you adapt to certain situations can be similar to one of the wing types next to yours. Wings can be considered sub-types.
This allows for fluctuation within your type and therefore makes this personality test a lot more accurate.
The Enneagram also provides insight on how each type interacts with other types. This allows for a deeper understanding of other people’s perspectives. When conflict arises, each personality type reacts in a certain way. By researching how your type, or someone else’s, deals with pain, you can learn about how to better approach problems in your life or how to help others in their problems.
It is typical to not like your Enneagram type at first. Unlike other personality tests, this one does not just tell you what you want to hear. The Enneagram is so accurate that it may even be disheartening to read about some areas that need improvement in your life, and know that it is fully true.
This personality test does not simply explain to you why you were moody last night, it makes you reflect on how you conceptualize your reality and what can be done to approach certain situations better.
You cannot always trust that your Virgo horoscope will bring you good fortune in the morning, but you can always rely on your innate reactionary characteristics, which the Enneagram strives to highlight.