Saddleback Course For Seniors Returning to SJHHS This Spring

Jessica Arzetti, Photo Editor

Saddleback College is returning to San Juan Hills High School with APSY-140, a class for seniors for college-readiness. They will have the opportunity to take the class this spring semester.
“Last year was the first year we offered the class and we were the only school in the district to offer it,” said Cecilia Araujo, the main coordinator for the class.
APSY 140 is designed to aid those who plan on attending Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College and is taught by a Saddleback counselor.
The class consists of understanding college majors, career exploration, study skills, test taking strategies, and reading and writing development.
“It’s basically CCP but for college and you get 10 credits on your transcript,” said Araujo.
Since more seniors are attending community colleges, spots are becoming more and more competitive. APSY 140 benefits those who want earlier than Early Bird registration for Saddleback.
“I want to take the class because of the priority registration and it would make getting into Saddleback easier,” said Whitney Molina.
The class is being offered for either a 5th or 6th period class, depending on your schedule. Matriculation tests will be taken in room D09 and help will be provided for the application process.
Many seniors are taking advantage of the free class that offers the best classes for their freshman year of college.
“If you’re interested in going to Saddleback, then this is a great way to get your foot in the door. Last year, we had 22 kids in the class and this year, there are 50 students on the interest list,” said Araujo.
Interest is growing rapidly this year because of the large benefits and growing interest in community colleges.
Students also gain a head start on transfer and honors programs which are critical in attending a four-year university.
“This is a really important class for all Saddleback bound students,” said Janey Gidion.
Many seniors realize that a free college class in high school is hard to come by, which is why taking it is the first step to a jump start.