Q & A with Kevin Skvarna


Jimmy Burns

Kevin Skvarna (12), one of SJHHS’s top surfers, adds in his Q & A that he was able to surf in China due to his success at the World Surfing League’s North American Longboard Championships.

At the World Surfing League’s North American Longboard Championships in Huntington Beach SJH student Kevin Skvarna earned a trip to China. Skvarna, a senior at San Juan Hills High School, has been in surfing since age five. Skvarna was the youngest surf in the China competitions.

How did you get the opportunity to go to China?

There was a contest in Huntington Beach, I signed up for it once my friends had told me to. I had to beat about 16 guys and the first day was a round robin format, which means you have to seed yourself for the next day, which went down to 8 people. Since i scored a 6 i went against number 3 and I head to beat number 3 which gave me the opportunity to go to China.

What did you do in China?

I surfed a lot and hung out with friends, a lot of my friends and family came out.

How far in the competition did you get?

I got past the first round, then got out on the second round

What made you fall in love with surfing?

You can just be yourself, you don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules, you can do your own thing and just not do what other people do.

What is your favorite movie?

The Wolf of Wall Street or Straight Outta Compton. Paradigm Shift is also a great surfing movie

What college do you plan on attending and what career are you going into?

Saddleback college for now and then hopefully somewhere by the water. I plan on being a nurse some day.

What is your favorite food?

Indian food.

Favorite memory about surfing at san juan hills?

Winning league my sophomore year was really cool and made the year great, we also had a great year. Winning state all three years was the best and hopefully we can do it again.

What is your favorite outside memory?

Just being able to go place with my friends, and go place I would have never gone to without surf, and other countries.

Biggest pet peeve about surfing?

Everyone wants to do it. However everyone should try it, it’s fun.

What’s your one recommendations for people who want to start surfing?

Go to Doheny Beach. That’s where everyone should learn, it’s a safe place. Be observant: watch out for who’s in front of you and behind. It’s all about safety.