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  • PSAT For Juniors Planned 10/17
  • Club Presidents Meeting 9/22
  • CUSD Board Meeting 9/23
  • Virtual Guidance Appointments For Seniors Available Now
  • Virtual College Panels to Take Place 09/08-09/10
  • District Plans to Reopen October 13th

Parking Revenue Not Enough, Valderrama Says

Parking Revenue Not Enough, Valderrama Says

Jessica Arzetti, Photo Editor

October 8, 2012

The price set for parking may seem excessive for a high school student, but ASB is using the money from sales of parking passes to pay for activities for students this year. Prices range from $100 a year to $50 a semester with ASB or $120 a year to $60 a semester without ASB. Parking passes netted SJ...

New Teachers and New Faces

Agafaye Victorino, Circulation Editor

October 8, 2012

While there are freshmen scrambling to adapt to their new world that is SJHHS, teachers are doing the same.Currently, there are five new teachers, one of them being a long-term substitute and four being newly-hired to SJHHS.One of the new teachers, Sara Cowell, is a Special Education teacher with a major...

School Marquee Would Provide Information to Students, Parents.

Makayla Thomas, News Editor

October 4, 2012

PTSA is now fundraising to provide San Juan Hills with a brand new Marquee. For those who don't know, a marquee is a roof-like projection over the entrance to a theatre, or in this case, on the front of the school. It would show upcoming performances, dances, games and other events. According to...

Prop 30 Threatens To Cut School Year

Jenna Clemente, Editorial Editor

September 21, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown proposes a temporary tax increase (Prop 30) that will be voted for on November 6, which could shorten SJHHS school year by 10 days. Prop 30 is the proposition which encourages an increase in sales taxes by ¼ cent on taxable goods and raise income taxes by 1% on individuals making m...