SJHHS Has Ten New Classes


Mckenzie M

For their first project, the new AP Studio Art Class presents their self portraits. Alison Miranda explains her inspiration for her piece Two Circles and an Oval, which displays subtle aspects of her face with a outer space-like colors, stars as freckles, and planet shapes inspired from reading her horoscope.

Riley Goodfellow, Staff Writer

SJHHS’ guidance office along with principal Mrs. Smalley have decided to add ten new academic classes and allow talent to expand even more.  

This year the school added AP Studio Art, Spanish 4, English 4, AP Computer Science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, AP Physics 2, Marine Ecology, Forensics, Intro to Vocational Nursing, and a program with Saddleback college for dual immersion students.

In order to “offer a broader set of courses so that students have more choices of classes based on their strengths and interests,” these new subjects were introduced to SJHHS, said Mr. Paulsen, the assistant guidance principal.

To be a part of these classes, students do not need to be in any specific grade but they must meet prerequisites before entering, such as getting an A in regular Biology before taking AP Chemistry.

If all the standards are reached then one can sign-up in the spring as they typically would for electives since none of these subjects are district placement except for English 4 and Spanish 4.  

As for English 4 or Spanish 4, Mr. Paulsen said speaking with a guidance counselor is needed.

These advanced classes are innovative and also give members college credit as described by Mrs. Colt, teacher of AP Studio Art. This is because the students “handle concepts that deal with professional levels” said Mrs. Colt.

The goal of providing so many new subjects is for students “to be able to take a class that’s at a higher level” said Mrs. Tong, teacher of AP Spanish 4, which prepares the students to succeed in college.

According to Mrs. Tong, the students taking the Saddleback program are more likely to be accepted into college after graduating.

All of these classes are “geared toward certain college majors and careers,” said Mr. Paulsen. The school encourages “students [to] take the classes that will support their goals”, hence why they were created.  

SJHHS students have demonstrated an  extremely high range of skills, therefore classes with the capability to challenge them was needed. After 10 years of teaching and educating, the school has decided to give students more opportunities and places to grow.