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Ceramics Molds Its Way into SJHHS Curriculum

Alexea Malaletkin, A&E Editor

October 26, 2012

San Juan Hills High School is well known for its artistic achievements and the opportunities provided to its students, which is why ceramics fits so perfectly into the offered curriculum.“This is the class for people who want to create things, which is why I call it a collaborative leadership course,...

San Juan Hills Drama Puts on Candide

Alexea Malaletkin, Arts and Entertainment Editor

September 21, 2012

San Juan Hills’ drama starts the year with Candide in the Black Box Theatre, starting November 1st at seven. Candide is described as a political satire that, “makes fun of the Age of Enlightenment,” says Sheila Silver, head of drama. The play follows Candide, “the illegitimate nep...