New York Fashion Week: Recap


Victoria Barcelo (11) sports a floral dress similar to attire seen on the runway during Fashion Week. Barcelo is one of the many SJHHS students who have been spotted following Fashion Week trends.

Luciana Benzan, Staff Writer

New York Fashion Week officially closed September 15th but style never sleeps, especially at SJHHS.

Several trends sure stood out, but star among them, deconstructed shirts.

From Vera Wang’s thigh length sleeves on a white button up, to Monse’s floor length two toned shirt-dress, designers were giving the classic button up quite the makeover. The oxford style shirt was reinvented time and time again this week to honor the timeless concept but show the fun that comes with a change to the classic.

We may also see a resurgence of the bomber jacket with a plethora on the runway. Marc Jacobs ran a mango colored waist length jacket with a navy trim and silver detailing. Ralph Lauren brought the audience to the old west with his cowboy themed attire, yet still tied in a leather bomber jacket in earth hues.

Students have also gotten on board with the bomber jacket trend. SJHHS sophomore Joanna Perlas is glad bomber jackets are coming back into style, showing off her puffy black jacket. “I bought it because I thought they looked cool but are also really warm while being fairly lightweight too.”

As is appropriate for spring, floral prints ruled the runway. From Adam Selman’s flowy floral summer dress to Jason Wu’s thigh length poppy romper, it was closer to New York botanical gardens’ fashion show. Even in early fall, students are rocking floral looks.

With all the great fashion looks, fashion week wouldn’t be complete without a little political stir up. Marc Jacobs ended the week with models of all races sporting wool spun dreadlocks. Some SJHHS students had strong feelings about this.

“I’m not frustrated with him giving the models dreadlocks, I’m frustrated he did it in such a narrow way. There isn’t just one type of dreadlock just like there isn’t just one type of person. If you’re going to do diversity, do it right,” said sophomore Adia Edwards.
To end on a high note, this year’s show featured the first collection to be entirely worn with hijabs. Anniesa Hasibuan, from Indonesia, was the first ever designer to feature every single outfit with a corresponding hijab, and it was breathtaking.