Ladera Ranch: Where the Grass is Greener

Alyssa Morrone, Staff Writer

Ladera Ranch for 22 years has brought in over 26 thousand residents because of its beautiful landscaping, great schools and facilities, and overall sense of community. 

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of Ladera is its beautiful landscaping. Ladera Ranch has over 49,000 trees, excluding private yards. This is twice as many trees as the famous Central Park in New York City.

Walkways wind through neighborhoods and lead to open parks and picnic areas where families can play, hang out, and enjoy the scenery. The wonderful landscaping is all thanks to the landscaping crew and the Ladera Ranch Maintenance Corporation (LARMAC).

All along these walkways, trash cans and dog-bag stations are always available so that the area can be kept clean. These walkways are also away from streets so kids can safely play without worrying about oncoming traffic.

These places make Ladera a wonderful place to hang out at and enjoy, but what makes Ladera Ranch a great place to live is it’s sense of community.”

Apart from the public parks, Ladera has many amenities available to its residents such as clubhouses, pools, and community gardens available all year round to enjoy, as well as a water park during the summer months.

Because Ladera Ranch is surrounded by open spaces, there are many trails for beautiful natures walks and view of the sunset over the hills. 

In the downtown area, there are many stores and restaurants to hang out at. You can have a refreshing bowl of poke at Poke Bowlz, enjoy a nice latte and avocado toast at Lola’s Cafe, shop around for clothes at A Touch of Jane, or just walk around to enjoy the many other shops and eateries in Ladera.

These places make Ladera a wonderful place to hang out at and enjoy, but what makes Ladera Ranch a great place to live is it’s sense of community.

Ladera Ranch has a farmers market every Sunday from 9am to 1pm where you can support local farmers and shops.

Also, every year various events are organized such as the Fall Festival or the tree lighting. The largest event of these events is the 4th of July festival which happens every year and includes a live band, food trucks, and a large firework show after sundown.

These events are put together by the Ladera Ranch Community Services (LARCS) who work to organize community events, organizations and clubs, Ranch Hands, the volunteer program for Ladera, and various other activities. These groups help to make Ladera inclusive and welcoming to all its residents.

It is important to address that Ladera Ranch has had events in the past that have defaced it’s sense of community for some, most recently the hate crimes against an Asian-American family.

These acts are horrible and are certainly something that should be acknowledged. However, the community of Ladera responded by setting up a watch to protect the family from the nighttime assaults. 

While this does not erase the harassment and hate that was given, it does show how Ladera is a true community that cares about its residents safety and security. The recent Lantern Festival was a massive success in bringing in awareness and to show support to the victims of the hate crime. 

Overall Ladera is a wonderful place to live with it’s beautiful landscaping, vibrant downtown area, welcoming community, and  unbeatable feel of home.