Latinos Unidos Take a Stand

Due to recent occasions in which President Donald Trump has spoken out about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Latinos Unidos Club has formed at SJHHS.

As club president Samantha Jimenez was hoping to make an impact in the current political climate of today. She said, “What’s better than making a club that’s about something that is hurting my peers and the people around me?”

Kate Meyers
Club president: Samantha Jimenez

The main goal of the club is for students under DACA to be able to go and find resources that aid their situation. Club meetings are every other Monday in room D10 with advisor, Fernanda Villalba.

Jimenez said the club should be “somewhere that [students] know that where they are, they’re respected and safe and we’re not going to do something or judge them in any way or form.”

Several staff members at SJHHS assist the Latinos Unidos meetings, including Principal Smalley who voiced her opinion in the very first meeting on how DACA students holds a very dear spot in her heart.

Vice president Maria Macias said, “We joined with Guidance… to reach out to [students] and show them that there is a place for them at this school.”

I want people to see that we’re here for a reason too

— Samantha Jimenez

Several pieces of paper with extensive information on DACA are given out at meetings, and events such as a fundraiser with Ricardo’s Place are planned. Macias said, “We’re raising funds for the earthquake in Mexico.”

Kate Meyers
Club vice-president: Maria Macias

Not only is the club for the students at SJHHS’ benefit, but it also is impacting the Latino community around the world.

“In the future we are going to fundraise for scholarships for DACA kids that can’t get federal aid,” said Macias.

Another goal of Latinos Unidos is to get hispanic students connected to school activities. Jimenez said, she wants to have more “representation and to get more involved because a lot of people don’t go since we don’t think that we belong but I want people to see that we’re here for a reason too.”

Macias said, “The club supports immigrant students as well as first generation low income people and families… and they are not alone, we can help them get through this.”