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Gas Line Break Closes La Pata

Jenna Clemente, Editorial Editor

November 28, 2012

On October 30, students were on lockdown for an appalling amount of time due to a broken gas line on Ortega Highway. The announcement was made during sixth period that student were not allowed to leave campus. School administration attempted to assemble food and water for the student locked down, but ...

CUSD Should Pay for ASB Clerks’ Salaries, Not Funds Raised by High School ASB’s

Brittany Christensen, Editor-in-Chief

November 28, 2012

The Activities Account Clerk is a mandatory District position. However, all schools are required to pay for the Clerk’s salary through ASB funds. San Juan Hills, being a new school, has gotten help from the District for the past five years, but is now expected to pay the position alone. “I thin...

Proposition 30 is Best Solution

Proposition 30 is Best Solution

The Express Staff

November 5, 2012

 A proposal on the November ballot, Proposition 30, would generate up to $5 billion to help stabilize the state budget and help fund schools by raising sales tax one quarter of a cent and raising personal income tax for 7 years on individuals earnings over $250,000 or families earning more than $5...

Cell Phones Signaling Way Into Education

Teachers are now incorporating cell phone use into education to educate students on using their resources.

Jessica Arzetti, Photo Editor

October 8, 2012

Teachers in classrooms are starting to incorporate cell phones into student's education because they find that it is an integral part of daily life. While not all are supportive of this, many find this cell phone leniency resourceful. District cell phone policy states that students are not allowed to h...

Seniors: Stop Crying

Seniors: Stop Crying

Kimberly Sanchez, Feature Editor

October 5, 2012

There are a total of 1,913 lockers on campus and a total enrollment of 2,053 students when lockers were assigned, according to Darrin Jindra, assistant principal. As a result, there are not enough lockers for every student on campus. Since enrollment tends to either increase or decrease many times th...