Valentine’s Day- The Cost of Loving vs. The Profit of Not Loving

Valentines Day is a day for loving, candy, and general stress.

Kennedy Flores

Valentines Day is a day for loving, candy, and general stress.

Ryan Healy, Staff Writer

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Valentine’s Day. The February holiday means different things for different people.

For most guys, either you stay at home, enjoying being single and stress-free, chilling with some Netflix or, for those “lucky” guys in a relationship, it’s a day for getting the girl candy and flowers, trying to plan a dinner date.

Single people have it easy. Chilling at home with the cookies and movies? Nothing better.

For the most part, girls used to just float through the world, existing, and receiving stuff from the guy. However, times change. More and more girls are doing stuff for their Prince Charming (though I prefer Tom Holland to him. Tom’s better). Equality!

Seriously, I talked with my friends and fans (kidding on the last part), expecting the same answer from all the gals: “I don’t get him anything, except a hug and a card.”  

I thought they would say “I just get gifts from my boyfriend.” Instead, I got “I’m planning on getting him chocolates and candy that he likes, then we’re gonna watch The Office at my house.” Kudos to you for a good TV show.

Single girls nowadays are basically the same as single girls way back when. Chill at home with the Oreos and the comedy shows. Relax, because you’re not dating anyone. Spend some quality time with a puppy, kitten, or other amazing friend. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And wash again, because a lot of people are allergic to kittens, sadly.

So, while Valentine’s used to be a relationship guy’s worst nightmare, and a relationship girl’s dreamiest dream, the tables are turning. So pass the chimichangas.

Thanks to time and other things, probably the movement for equality, more and more girls are also shouldering the responsibility of getting their guy stuff, while us singles can relax more and more every year.

I may or may not have already put together a bunch of movies to watch. I’m telling you, it’s totally by accident that they’re all Star Wars, (wink wink).

Point is, it’s going to be fun. And it’s not because I have someone to share it with. All I really need is my dog, who jumped on my lap as I was writing this. I’m taking a quick break because she’s giving me the “play with me” eyes. 

Alright, I’m back. Yeah, being single on Valentine’s day is not only less stressful, it’s also cheaper. I mean, relationship people buy candy and dates and things, but I buy MYSELF Oreos!

On the plus side, the Oreos give me motivation to go to the gym, to work off the fat! I, personally, am spending Valentine’s with my dog, Hurley; some Oreos; maybe my friend; some Queen and Beastie Boys music; and some Star Wars. Fun! All this talk about Oreos makes me hungry. Bye bye!

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