Summer School Sucks the Life Out of Students


Eva Smedeby, Staff Writer

Summer school? More like the time where summer never starts. Instead of basking in the sun, hours are spent hunched by a computer screen or with a pen and paper in hand, solving equation after equation. Doesn’t sound so fun, because well, it isn’t.

The whole idea of summer school used to be used as a period for students who hadn’t passed or acquired the grade they wanted during the school year to retake the class, but now, students are voluntarily spending their summer to take classes for simply getting ahead. It seems like a good idea, but once one is in it, they will wish they never volunteered.

With the pressure of school work becoming even higher than ever before, it’s not surprising that students can feel intimidated by one another’s classes and grades.

The idea of summer school, although may spark as a good idea for students to fix this issue, as it can boost up their classes to an honors, or just overall higher level for the upcoming year, and lessen the intimidation between other students.

At the start of summer school, it may seem scary, not really knowing what one is getting themselves into, but most students are just excited to quickly start it and get it over with it, acquiring “better” classes for the upcoming year.

The implied idea of a student having an actual break during the summer while enrolled in summer school time is absurd, and anyone who has taken it will say the same thing

Unfortunately, the expected 2-3 hours a day students would expect to be taking a class is nowhere near the absurd amount of time required for properly understanding the subject. Instead, a student should be spending an extensive 6-14 hours a day, even on weekends, and by the time one finishes their online school, the day nearly or already over.

The implied idea of a student having an actual break during the summer while enrolled in summer school time is absurd, and anyone who has taken it will say the same thing.

School is stressful as it is, which is why students not only look forward to summer but need it as a mental health break.

Instead of sitting by a computer screen all summer long, go outside, kids should be spending it hanging out with friends or indulging in their favorite hobbies.

Everyone, specifically younger kids shouldn’t be worrying about school during a time when they should be relaxing and deciding whose house they are going to having a sleepover at for the next couple of days.

It’s very obvious that summer school isn’t so merciful, as the heavy workload makes no exceptions for a break, even on weekends.

Although Geometry is the most popular class being taken over the summer, students are also finding themselves signing up for different classes ranging anywhere from types of sciences to English Literature with the same intention of getting ahead.

School shouldn’t feel as a competition between kids and their other classmates, and just because one isn’t taking a class at the same level as a peer or friend doesn’t mean that they’re any smarter than them, it just means that they don’t learn at the same level, which is completely normal.

Summer break should be spent doing exactly what it says in the title, taking a break, and if students’ didn’t absolutely need the couple weeks off, they wouldn’t call it a break.