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  • Freshman registration August 6 (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
  • Junior registration August 6 (8:00 am to 11:00 am)
  • Sophomore registration August 5 (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
  • Senior registration August 5 (8:00 am to 11:00 am)
  • Cina Abedzadeh named new principal of SJHHS at June 12 board meeting
This scene depicts Laya Dina, Luna Huntington (11), and Bela, Viola Whiticker (11), as they write to Sala while she is in a concentration camp, explaining their worry for her. The letters played an important role in Sala’s life because it was her only way of communicating the reality of the camps.

Letters to Sala Brings Holocaust History to the Stage

Gabriella Bello, A&E Editor December 15, 2023

Stallion Theater Company’s fall production of Letters to Sala was brought to stage last week. This historical drama was a window to the past, as it presented the audience with real life experiences from...

In Art class, peacefully painting, Tyler Vo (9) prepares to finish his artwork inspired by the game Operation to display it in the Clue Art Exhibit. Vo works with great serenity as he makes use of an array of colors, details, and dimensions in his painting.

Any Clue What Art Students Have Been Waiting to Exhibit?

Rowan Noonan, Staff Writer November 6, 2023

AP art students exceeded expectations for their Clue Art Exhibit after they unveiled their twenty-foot art piece! The Art Department collaborated with the Theater Department and created an on-campus...

Carefully conducting a freshmen class, Dean McElroy ensures they will be ready for their next concert. The students who are willing to go the extra mile will continue down a path of success in the world of instrumental music in McElroys award-winning groups.

Inside Orchestra: A Musical Blend of Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion

Mylan West, Staff Writer October 30, 2023

The orchestra puts many hours and lots of effort into crafting a musical harmony under the direction of Dean McElroy. Under his guidance, individual students’ skill sets are assembled into a cohesive...

Theater students Viola Whittaker, Sydney Briggs, Liam Herd, Jacob Koclanis, and Luke Dunphy are rehearsing a scene for upcoming musical, Clue, where a chandelier falls and crushes Mr. Green. Just like former and future musicals, Clue was chosen by theater arts instructor Cambria Graff.

Theaters’ Way Of Determining Musicals

Caoimhin Grothe-Brinton, Staff Writer October 7, 2023

In past years, students have wondered how musicals for the year are determined. As the production of Clue comes to fruition, the Theater Department shares details on the musical selection process.  “We...

Playing on the timpani, Lucas Patton (12) practices his percussion piece. Members of percussion, like Patton, play various instruments and cooperate together to steady the rhythm of the music.

Percussion: The Key to Every Band Group

Gabriella Bello, A&E Editor September 22, 2023

If you have ever been to the band concerts here at San Juan Hills, you might have been surprised to hear those echoing sounds behind the woodwinds or brass players; this is percussion which consists of...

Chamber Choir students Gwen Nishti (10), Olivia Calkins (10), Josiah Chapman (11), and Lisa Gnielinski (12) rehearsing one of their songs. The Chamber Choir is preparing to go to the American Chamber Directors Association this coming March and have to put in many hours to ensure they bring the best to their performance.

Chamber Choir Gains National Recognition

Gabriella Bello, A&E Editor September 22, 2023

For the first time ever, Chamber Choir was selected to perform at the American Choral Directors Association in Pasadena. This conference also known as ACDA encompasses any choir group on the west coast;...

Beginning intermediate dancer, Anali Policarpo performs a Baile Folklorico dance, a dance style that originated from Mexico. The signature colorful skirt twirls  to the beat of the song “Colima.”

Traditional Mexican Dance Honored Through Anali Policarpo

Claire Stafford, Opinion May 25, 2023

Senior Anali Policarpo is bringing Baile Folklórico into the spotlight. Just this year, at two SJHHS dance shows Fusion and Senior Showcase, Policarpo performed the traditional Mexican dance, as a nod...

Ella Winger (12), Kaylene Huynh (12), and Gracie Smith (11) model their Worlds Dance Competition costume for their Buzz Lightyear themed performance. This years dances are so much fun. All of our Pom dances are themed: we are doing Buzz Lightyear, Mario, Harley Davidson, and then lyrical and contemporary, said Smith.

Trio Triumph: Dancers Take on Worlds Dance Competition

Mia Tickell, News Editor May 2, 2023

Competing with countries from all over the world, dancers senior Ella Winger, senior Kaylene Huynh, and junior Gracie Smith advanced to one of the largest international dance events- Worlds Dance Competition...

The Hunger Games universe makes a surprising come back after Netflix released all four movies for a limited time. Suzan Collin’s story remains as one of the most notorious dystopian novels of all time due to her incorporation of timely political allegory.

The Hunger Games is Uncomfortably Realistic

Domenica Peloso, A&E Editor April 28, 2023

The chaos-filled dystopia that is The Hunger Games universe has made an unexpected come back after Netflix released all four movies for a limited time. This resurgence has sparked a widespread Hunger Games...

Jessica Garcia (11) throws a pot in ceramics class. Activities like this are made possible by the success of the ceramics fundraiser.

Ceramics Program Raises $5,300 in Donations

Lexi Odekirk, Staff Writer April 17, 2023

At the start of the school year, the SJHHS Ceramics program was severely underfunded, lacking materials like clay, glaze, hand tools, and special paints. Ceramics teacher Robin Serr decided to take matters...

 Senior Showcase is an annual dance performance, featuring only the seniors of the SJHHS dance program. Pictured, intermediate dancer Ella Winger performs a solo to the song “Paint it Black,” which she choreographed herself.

Seniors Showcase Their Dance Skills

Sofia Bello, Photo Editor March 7, 2023

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