Michael Parham

Michael Parham, born and raised in California, has lived in Area 2 for the past four years with his family. He has a Bachelors degree from Dartmouth College in Russian Language and Economics, a Masters of Business Association from the New York University, and a Certificate in Data Analytics from UC Irvine. 

Parham is a CPA and Investment Banker and has specialized in advising companies in Mergers and Acquisitions for the past 25 years. Parham served on the Irvine Unified School District school board for 12 years of which he served as board president there twice. Now, as an Area 2 resident, he wants to share his experience with CUSD.

CUSD leadership can have a strong impact by investing in efficient approaches to education, including prioritizing best teaching practices across the district. It can also encourage new ideas and subject matter that engages students and better prepares them for a job market that is vastly different today than it was when the Ed Code was written,” said Parham.

Biggest Issue Facing CUSD

Parham says he stresses the quality of education for students and parental satisfaction in the district.

“Maintaining a fair and equitable educational experience for all children is the top concern, particularly as public schools are under attack and enrollment is declining in CUSD. It is important to make the educational experience competitive with private schools, and parents need to feel confident that their children will be well prepared for life after high school,” said Parham.

Top Priorities if Elected

  1. Create teacher-led groups to identify best practices across key subject areas and levels districtwide.
  2. Identify a funding and communication strategy to cope with looming facility needs.
  3. Strengthen ROP and elective course offerings that are relevant to today’s workforce needs.