People Who Hate Zodiac Signs Are All Geminis

Eva Smedeby, A&E Editor

Originating from Babylonian astrology, zodiac signs have existed since the beginning of the first millennium BC. They are believed by many to define the characteristics and future of people based upon the month in which they were born in correlation to the position of stars.

Although zodiac signs are not an exact science-and there’s no actual proof to defend the skies’ link to our personalities-there’s no harm in believing in them, as they help us to understand the ideas during ancient times while encouraging self confidence.

During an era where the night sky served as a compass for many travelers, the stars were known to be the ultimate guide, which eventually led to the mystical belief that the stars were a spiritual guide as well.
Because people thought the stars were moving, which we now know is just the Earth’s orbit, horoscopes came about with the idea that this movement of the stars, “guiding us spiritually”, might have the ability to direct and predict our characteristics and futures.

There are twelve zodiac signs in total, and they are all named after constellations depicting a certain animal. Leo’s symbol, for example, is a lion, matching similarly with the zodiac sign which describes a Leo as strong and ambitious, along with many other qualities.
Although these traits seem great, and people with this sign might find it disturbingly accurate in recognition of their personality, websites have been known to falsely decipher signs, leaving people questioning accuracy with the amount of contrasting qualities for the same horoscope.
If the sources you are getting information from are credible, you will notice that your signs’ traits are unchanging, as they follow Babylonian astrology in a consistent accuracy. Nevertheless, being able to read ideas directed solely towards your personality, whether it’s actually accurate or not, can be really fun and entertaining.
Yes, I know, people all the way back from the first millennium BC, over 2000 years ago, aren’t necessarily the most reliable sources for information, as they didn’t have the best sources pre-scientific revolution, but there must be some truth to them as people still avidly read and believe in the teachings.
Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, there is no point debunking a theory when you can instead accept the potential of its authenticity, as you may find zodiacs to be more alarmingly accurate than you think.