There are 12 zodiac signs in total. They are based off of the position of the sun and the stars when a person is born, and are believed by some to affect a person’s personality and future. (Kate Meyers)
There are 12 zodiac signs in total. They are based off of the position of the sun and the stars when a person is born, and are believed by some to affect a person’s personality and future.

Kate Meyers

People Who Hate Zodiac Signs Are All Geminis

Originating from Babylonian astrology, zodiac signs have existed since the beginning of the first millennium BC. They are believed by many to define the characteristics and future of people based upon the month in which they were born in correlation to the position of stars.

Although zodiac signs are not an exact science-and there’s no actual proof to defend the skies’ link to our personalities-there’s no harm in believing in them, as they help us to understand the ideas during ancient times while encouraging self confidence.

During an era where the night sky served as a compass for many travelers, the stars were known to be the ultimate guide, which eventually led to the mystical belief that the stars were a spiritual guide as well.
Because people thought the stars were moving, which we now know is just the Earth’s orbit, horoscopes came about with the idea that this movement of the stars, “guiding us spiritually”, might have the ability to direct and predict our characteristics and futures.

There are twelve zodiac signs in total, and they are all named after constellations depicting a certain animal. Leo’s symbol, for example, is a lion, matching similarly with the zodiac sign which describes a Leo as strong and ambitious, along with many other qualities.
Although these traits seem great, and people with this sign might find it disturbingly accurate in recognition of their personality, websites have been known to falsely decipher signs, leaving people questioning accuracy with the amount of contrasting qualities for the same horoscope.
If the sources you are getting information from are credible, you will notice that your signs’ traits are unchanging, as they follow Babylonian astrology in a consistent accuracy. Nevertheless, being able to read ideas directed solely towards your personality, whether it’s actually accurate or not, can be really fun and entertaining.
Yes, I know, people all the way back from the first millennium BC, over 2000 years ago, aren’t necessarily the most reliable sources for information, as they didn’t have the best sources pre-scientific revolution, but there must be some truth to them as people still avidly read and believe in the teachings.
Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, there is no point debunking a theory when you can instead accept the potential of its authenticity, as you may find zodiacs to be more alarmingly accurate than you think.

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It’s Time We All Stop Lying to Ourselves, Astrology Signs are Bogus

Recently, I was scrolling through the internet, and decided to take a Buzzfeed quiz to figure out what kind of bread I am. It turns out that I’m banana bread. Some people may call this a waste of time, and that may be true, but if I truly wanted to waste my time, than I would’ve looked up what my astrological sign is.

For those of you who have been blessed to not have to suffer through the agonizing ordeal that is talking about astrology signs, then you might currently have no idea what an astrology sign is. So, let me be the one to break the bad news to you.

Essentially, the simple-minded souls among us believe that the position of planets, the Sun, and the Moon on the Ecliptic of our Earth at the moment of a person’s birth can tell you  their basic characteristics, preferences, love life and fears, along with many other attributes.

There is simply no reason as to why the planets, stars, or the moon would have any impact on personality. What is it about the objects in our galaxy that could influence us to make certain decisions? How do the planets, stars, and moon determine our personality?

After listening to thousands of inane discussions concerning astrology signs and studying for what seems like an eternity of endless torture, I’ve finally come to a conclusion as to what each sign means. Every single sign can mean . . .  drumroll . . . anything. If you go to any website, look at their description of one of the signs, then compare it to five other websites, you’ll find that most of the time, these websites describe the same sign differently, often times contradicting each other.

Personally, I’m a Taurus, and according to five different websites that means that I am stubborn, patient, quick to anger, radiate a sense of serenity, and mean.

Essentially, what this means is that if you don’t agree with one website’s description of you and your sign, than just go to a different website until you like the personality traits you are given. For example, if you’re an Aries, one website says you are ultra-competitive, but why listen to that website when another one says Aries are confident?

This scenario gets to the root of the problem with astrology signs. The purpose of astrology signs is not to tell you with absolute certainty what your behavior is or what you would do in any given circumstance. Instead, the purpose of astrology signs is to reinforce our own preconceived notions about ourselves. 

Many people are able to see past the propaganda of astrology signs that constantly appear all across the internet in blog posts, on the Instagram explore page, and even in memes; however, there is another group of people who have different views with both astrology sign believers and the high-minded intellectuals who don’t fall for those lies.

Some people believe that the concept of astrology signs are stupid, but at the same time also think that Enneagram tests are totally accurate, or that palm readings are always spot on, or maybe some other random personality test actually works and is definitely based on real ‘science’.

But this opinion is simply just another way we attempt to convince ourselves that the way we act has some sort of deeper meaning.

Deep down, everybody knows that there is absolutely NO TRUTH behind the claims of the astrology sign supporters. The star you were born under will not change your future and the planet your sign is related to has no impact on your love life.

But that brings us to the dilemma as to why people, whose intellect is only challenged by the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich, believe in this nonsense.

We all want some sort of reasoning as to why we act and behave the way we do. No one wants to believe that the characteristics which make up our personality merely resulted from random, arbitrary experiences we lived through as a kid and that there is no deeper, cosmic reason for our individual actions and beliefs.

It’s not an easy truth to admit; however, we need to realize that our purpose in life and our reason for acting the way we do does not need to be justified by the universe. At the end of the day the cosmos don’t care about us, and despite our seemingly pointless existence in this universe, there is no greater purpose that we can all serve in life than us simply being us.

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