Area Wildlife Focus of Critter Cam Project

Science Department cameras record area wildlife day and night.


Critter Cam

A deer passes by one of the critter cameras.

A hawk eats what looks like a rat, a doe and her fawn quietly forage, rabbits pass, a rat runs across a log, a coyote looks for his next meal.

You’re not watching Animal Planet or Discovery. It’s footage collected from cameras hidden around SJHHS by teacher Alexandra Easton as part of a still developing program that documents the wildlife in and around SJHHS.

The cameras begin recording when heat or movement of animals is detected.

“We might use the images for projects about diversity of species in our area,” said Easton.

As the habitat becomes more fragmented because of road construction the animals could be impacted, explained Easton.

The cameras are moved every week to record activity in new places.