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Kaela Lawson
Kaela Lawson is not a very interesting person.  As the senior news editor, and a senior in highschool, she is supposed to be responsible and wise and blah. In reality though, she is still trying to keep her life afloat. She works a lot, sometimes does homework, trips over her own feet and into walls. Lawson is interested in, if not obsessed with, pizza and Grey's Anatomy. Her other interests include reading, mostly legally downloading way too much music and reluctantly studying for classes she has to take. She is kind of lazy and either responds to your texts in .2 seconds or 2 years. She also tends to highkey zone out when listening to music, which is often. If you can catch her without them, you’ll find she is a curious and tastefully sarcastic person who laughs too much.

Kaela Lawson , Senior News Editor

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