A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete

Spend a day in the cleats of a soccer player at San Juan Hills.


Photo Courtesy of Cassidy Segrell

Student-athlete Cassidy Segrell (11) playing for her club soccer team, Strikers FC through a swarm of opposing players.

Wake up. School. Sports. Repeat.

With seventeen different athletic programs at San Juan Hills High School, a huge population of students are student-athletes.

Cassidy Segrell is a junior on the track team and the varsity soccer team. She has ran track since her freshman year and has been playing soccer for twelve years. In addition to soccer at San Juan Hills, she also plays club soccer for Strikers FC

This is what a day in Segrell’s life looks like during the spring season.

5:45 AM — Wake up.

The day begins early for this student-athlete. After getting ready for school, and having a full breakfast (hopefully), it’s time to leave.

6:25 AM — Leave for school.

Segrell takes a total of eight classes, including a zero-period. 

6:42 — School starts.

She has a long day in front of her: four classes and track practice.

2:45 PM — Track practice.

On 1-3-5 block days, after eight hours of school, the day is not yet over for a student-athlete with her first practice of the day.

4:30 PM — Finally home.

Segrell returns home after track practice, but it’s not time to relax just yet. This is her biggest block of free time, spent doing schoolwork and eating dinner before her next sport.

7:10 PM — Club soccer practice.

Segrell’s second practice of the day: soccer practice with her club team, Strikers FC. She has club soccer practice three times a week.

10:15 — Finally home… Seventeen hours later.

After a long—and full day— this student-athlete is finally home for the night. 

The life of a student-athlete is extremely busy and can be very draining. After the regular school day and sports practices, there is little time for personal responsibilities. It is important to take time for yourself and practice self-care throughout the busy day.