An Update on Sports: The Games Have Finally Begun


Sydney Wolfe

One of the major sports eager to begin season is football. The teams have been training and preparing for weeks and at last, it’s time to play.

Kaitlyn Kittredge, Sports Editor

Sports are at last cleared for contact, and season for both fall and spring sports are starting before our eyes, athletes eager to play as soon as possible. Here are the updates for what is happening right now with San Juan Hills’ athletics. 

Football: The sport many people have been anticipating has finally released their upcoming schedule, and the defending CIF champs will start off their first game on March 19th. They will be playing a five game tilt, with two CVC Crossover games and three South Coast League Games for the SCL. The five games will be listed below, and for more updates you can check out the SJHHS Football Instagram page. 

-March 19th: VS El Toro

-March 26th: @ Capo Valley

-April 2nd: VS San Clemente 

-April 9th: @ Mission Viejo

-April 16th: VS Tesoro

Baseball: Varsity baseball is looking to have twenty-seven games this season, the first game being held Friday, March 19th at Tesoro High School. Schedules can always change, but as of right now there are going to be ten home games. The final game on the calendar is May 27th versus San Clemente. Click here to view the schedule. 

Softball: Softball is looking at a total of fifteen league games this season. The first game is set for March 19th, at Tesoro High School. As of right now, there will be four home games. The last game will be held on May 27th versus Dana Hills High School. For more details, click here

Boys Soccer: The boys’ soccer team will have nine league games this season. The first is scheduled to take place on Friday, March 26th against Tesoro. The final game is set for May 5th versus El Toro. This last game is one of the five home games occurring for the boys this year. Click here to view the schedule. 

Girls Soccer: The girls’ soccer team had their first preseason game on March 9th against Woodbridge High School. This was one of the four non-league games before soccer season comes to a start. Tuesday, March 30th marks the first game of season, against San Clemente High School. At this moment there are eight games on the calendar for league, the last one a home game against Trabuco Hills. For more details, check out the SJHHS Athletics page. 

Boys Lacrosse: Lacrosse is back and ready to start playing. Their first non-league game is Saturday, March 20th versus Tesoro High School. This will be the first of six pre-season games. Friday, April 16th marks the first official league game at Dana Hills High School. On the calendar there are nine league games, the last one being held on Thursday, May 20th against Capistrano Valley. Click here to learn more. 

Girls Lacrosse: For girls lacrosse, there are three non-league games, the first one on March 24th at Beckman, Arnold. The start of league is April 13th, a home game versus Tesoro High School. There will be a total of eight league games, the last one on May 19th, at San Clemente High School. Here’s a link to the calendar

Boys Water Polo: The first of five non-league games was held on March 9th against Capistrano Valley. On the calendar there are only three league games listed, the first one held on March 10th versus Aliso Niguel, and the last on March 20th against Trabuco Hills. Of these eight games, four are played on campus at SJHHS. To view the schedule, click here

Girls Water Polo: The girls’ team has a total of eight games this year, four for league and four non-league. The first league game was on March 11th against El Toro. The final game is a non-league match at the SJHHS pool, held on March 20th versus Trabuco Hills. Click here to find out more. 

Girls Basketball: Varsity girls basketball is scheduled to play eight league games this season. Their first game will be played on Tuesday, April 20th against Dana Hills High School. This game is one of the four home games. Tuesday, May 18th marks the date of the last league game versus Aliso Niguel High School. For more details, check this out. 

Boys Golf: Golf for the boys is starting and season is finally nearby. There are thirteen games officially scheduled, with another four to be determined later for Sea View League Finals and CIF. Out of these thirteen games, eight are league games, while the other five are non-league. The first league game is on March 25th against El Toro, while the last confirmed game will take place on May 18th versus Tesoro, a non-league game. Click here for more information. 

Girls Golf: For the girls’ team, there are twelve games confirmed, with the same four games to be determined later in season. Of these twelve games, eight are league games, while the other four are non-league. Their first league game will be held on April 1st against San Clemente, while their last league game is on May 18th, versus Tesoro. Seven of these games will be located on the San Juan Hills golf course. Click here for more details. 

Boys Tennis: Tennis for the boys this year will be composed of ten games, one of them being a non-league game. The first league game occurred on March 4th, against Mission Viejo, and the last will be held on May 6th, versus Trabuco Hills. Six of these are home games played at the courts on San Juan Hills’ campus. Here’s a link to more information.

Girls Tennis: The girls have eight confirmed league tennis matches this season. The first one occurred on February 23rd against Tesoro, and the last will take place on April 27th versus San Clemente High School. Four of these games are played at SJHHS, while the rest are at different locations. Click here to learn more. 

Track & Field: Track and Field has eleven meets scheduled on the calendar, with an additional four added on for CIF. The first official meet is to take place on Saturday, March 27th against Aliso Niguel. The final meet is on Friday, May 28th for Sea View League Finals at San Clemente High School. Three of these will be home meets, ran on San Juan Hills’ track. Click here for more details. 

Boys and girls volleyball, along with boys basketball, was not included due to the fact that they are still trying to figure out teams and schedules. This document will be updated when those calendars are posted.

Reminder that schedules are ought to change, and to check out the Athletics Page for the most updated information. When attending games be sure to take a look at the rules regarding spectators in that specific sport, and have a mask with you at all times. 

It is time to get excited about seasons finally starting. Remember to stay safe, healthy, and hydrated during these times, and when representing your school: play your hardest, give it your all, and most importantly… have fun!