2020 Election Results are Coming In

Ella Villar, Co Editor-in-Chief

In the race for the CUSD School Board, there was a victory for CUSD Against Racism’s endorsement of Pamela Braunstein. 

In Trustee Area 2, Pamela Braunstein beat incumbent member Jim Reardon, and Sue Hill continues to fight for Trustee Area 3. The race between Hill and another candidate, Lisa Davis had a margin of about 100 votes and is continuing to change as more mail-in ballots are counted.

Trustee Area 5 resulted in the victory of incumbent candidate Krista Castellanos who surpassed her other candidates by a clear majority of the vote.

Regarding the congressional race, incumbent candidate Mike Levin continues to hold his seat after beating Republican challenger Brian Maryott.

The Democrats are still fighting for control of the Senate with 45 seats compared to the Republican control of 48 seats. In the House of Representatives, the Democrats have secured the majority of the seats with 203 compared to the 188 Republican seats.

The presidential race has encountered multiple hiccups while trying to come to a final decision. Due to the coronavirus, more Americans are voting by mail-in ballots. These mail-in ballots are continuing to be counted and are prolonging the election results.

With a close race in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits to challenge the potential results before certification. Originally, Trump claimed victory prematurely; however, now Trump is calling into question the validity of the mail-in ballots.

The Biden Campaign has remained quiet although the vice president announced his confidence of victory of this election. Biden is in the lead with electoral votes and the popular vote, but there are still votes to be counted in states like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania which could change the outcome of the election.

While the presidency may not be determined yet, the local elections have been. And with those results, we know where the future of our area is headed.