Loco for Tacos

Claire Cone, Copy Editor

Taco Loco is a taco shack located in Laguna Beach. Their menu consists of tacos, burritos, tostadas, other Mexican cuisine and even burgers. This cute restaurant grabs attention with its unique name and pulls customers in thanks to their fresh, delicious food.

With warm greetings, and reasonable seating, the atmosphere is welcoming and retro, as neon signs and colorful tile occupy the inside. It is casual, as you are able to seat yourself, and take your time when ordering off of the menu. The menu size is enough to have many options, but not too big that it is hard to decide. The restaurant is well maintained with a clean environment and stocked with customer necessities such as napkins, utensils, etc. After asking for recommendations, the employees ultimately suggested the potato tacos, a suggestion that did not disappoint. They were engaging and represented great customer service.

Taco Loco has a wide variety of drinks, such as Yerba Mate tea and happy hour specials. This place hit the spot while maintaining an excellent selection that is sure to leave every customer.. The fresh, corn tortillas add an authenticity that is hard to find. Relieved with reasonable prices, Taco Loco creates affordable meals for hungry taco lovers. Their guacamole is unique as it is homemade and newly harvested. Instead of a mashed consistency, employees leave the ingredients chopped.

Their portions are the perfect amount for a casual lunch by the beach, or an evening meal while watching the sunset.”

Taco Loco exemplifies the taste of authenticity and is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat; they also have catering available for larger groups and parties. As it is on Pacific Coast Highway, a view of the ocean creates a soothing vibe and is the perfect touch to these beach-goer tacos.

This place will surely leave every customer loco for the tacos.