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A chef at Zenko Sushi makes a California Roll and Crunch roll for a couple that came in as soon as they opened on Monday at 5:00 PM. They are typically open at 10:30-2:30 PM, and then reopen 5:00- 9:30 or 10 PM depending on the day of the week.

Touche Zenko Sushi

Dalton Flores, Photo Editor
March 14, 2019
A cookie, forged in hellfire, devours the tartest of all the poppers with tenacity, that of which is only comparable to the dragons of fairy tales.

Comedic Take on High School Lunch

Dalton Flores, Staff Writer
February 14, 2019
Loco for Tacos

Loco for Tacos

Claire Cone, Copy Editor
January 17, 2019
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