Are you PLANning for your future?


Patrick Conely

The PLAN test is a practice test for the ACT. It helps students prepare for their future.

Throughout campus lately people have been talking about the PLAN test, mainly, complaining about it. Sure, getting up early on a Saturday is kind of a drag, but it’s worth it…right?

The PLAN test is designed to help students gauge where they stand educationally, what needs improvement, and what they excel in. This could help them choose a career to pursue for the rest of their life.

Still, students generally hate the tests.”

Why dislike them when they help you so much?

The answer is simple, many students are ignorant of the future and just care about what is happening right this minute. Going to bed early to get a good night’s rest only to wake up early and take test on Saturday morning? To many kids, that is obscene, Saturdays are for sleeping in and hanging out with friends, not testing.

Some students that I have met say that after taking these practice exams they felt ready for the real one. They ignored all practice materials until the actual test date, and maybe took a short glance at them before leaving to go take an extremely important test. They then realized the information on the actual test was completely different, and more challenging. Practicing good review skills even though you believe that the test will be easy, helps you out in the long run because it prepares you for real world situations in the workplace. It is important to keep the studying up because almost always the actual tests are harder than practices, that’s why they are called practice. You do not get good at something overnight, and you most definitely are not born with it. Practice is imperative if you want to succeed in anything.

Whether you are taking the PLAN or the actual ACT, it is important to practice good study skills so you perform well on both assessments. This will give you an accurate score to show you exactly what you need to work on individually, so when it comes time for the real test, you do extremely well.