SOC4Change Holds Student-Led Town Hall with Representative Mike Levin


Riley Goodfellow

California representative, Mike Levin, looks out to the crowd as he answers questions. Some questions were asked by teenagers since the town hall was meant for students in high school.

Isabella Mahar, Staff Writer

Representative, Mike Levin, of the 49th District, held a student led Town Hall in the SJHHS Theater on May 4.

The town hall was organized by SOC4Change, an organization of politically engaged students formed after the Parkland Shooting.

This was Levin’s fifth town hall since swearing in January. One of Levin’s key campaign promises was to hold many to get community input, due to the fact that his opponent and predecessor Darrell Issa rarely did while in office.

This town hall was directed towards students and getting their input since one of Levin’s other key campaign promises was to engage the youth and listen to their voice.

One of the most discussed topics was over what to do about the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Levin said “[I want to] create an interim storage site in west Texas… I know it needs to get out of California.”

When you go to a school like this you deserve to feel safe.

— Representative Mike Levin

Another issue brought up by constituents was climate change, a personal issue to Levin who, prior to his election, was a climate change activist. “I am hopeful because of you, because you represent the next generation and you want to see bold and aggressive measures taken, so that you actually have a habitable planet,” said Levin.

This being a student led town hall, many of those who asked questions were students, such as Eric Coleborn, who asked “On your campaign website, you said that you were in support of an assault weapons ban, so with that in mind will you commit to supporting legislation that bans all semi-automatic assault weapons to curtail the gun violence that has gotten so extreme in recent years in our state and country?”

Levin responded saying, “We can’t just offer thoughts and prayers again and again and expect things to change. We’ve got to be the change we want to see… Because when you go to a school like this you deserve to feel safe.”

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