Spain Trip Planned

Trip will leave during spring break.

Riley Goodfellow, Staff Writer

One of the trips abroad this year is to Spain.

Planned by SJHHS Dual Immersion teacher, Jamie Gonzalez, students will travel to Madrid, Cordoba, and Seville.

Gonzalez is pairing up with the company Educational Tours to travel and since Gonzalez is a history teacher and fluent in Spanish, she will be guiding students and teaching the history of Spain.  

Gonzalez said, “There is a good mix of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors coming with me to Spain.” This trip is open to students of all grades and every language fluency skill.

It is a eight day journey with the group departing on the April 1 and coming back on the April 8. Two days will be spent traveling, three days will be spent in Madrid, one day in Cordoba, and two days in Seville. The famous traveling sites El Palacio Real, Prado, Mezquita, Seville Bullring, Seville Alcazar, and Seville Cathedral will be visited.

“33 students are coming so far, but students can still sign up,” said Gonzalez.

While the trips are officially non-school sponsored activities, students are promised three sightseeing tours led by an expert, licensed local guides, and two walking tours. The group will be receiving a European breakfast plus a daily dinner, while staying six nights in a hotel with private bathrooms in each room. Meals, traveling, and guides are all included.

The total cost, with everything included, is approximately $3,000. Students must have forms filled out by parents and a passport is required.

Although Spanish will be the main language used, students who aren’t fluent are still encouraged to come.

Educational Tours said, “Immersing yourself in new cultures- surrounded by the people, the language, the food, the way of life- creates inspirational moments that can’t be listed as an itinerary. They can only be experienced.”

Contact Gonzalez in room H102 to enroll. Sunday, December 11, is the last day to sign up.