Senior Softball Player Commits to Tufts University


Photo by Jocelyn Serlin

Kaitlyn Perucci (12), has committed to Tufts University, where she looks forward to a bright academic future and experience on the softball team.

Senior softball player Kaitlyn Perucci has committed to attending Tufts University as a softball player and student, and believes it to be a perfect school for her interests. 

Perucci has been playing softball since she was five with various different teams, and now plays with the Nuggets, a club team that has helped her through the recruitment process. “I’ve been emailing colleges since eighth grade, and I’ve had my target schools– I knew I wanted to go high academic– and then they made all of the connections for me, they’re connected with coaches from all over the country. I specifically targeted Tufts and so, I was able to play in front of them a lot at different camps, and they called me and made me the offer,” said Perucci.

I just love the coaches, love the campus, and love just the whole dynamic of everyone there,

— Kaitlyn Perucci

Not only did Tufts University check Perucci’s boxes concerning both the softball and the academic culture, the university is in an ideal location next to Boston, and is super good for internships. Perucci believes that their softball team is super strong, as they win the championships in their league almost every year. 

“I just love the coaches, love the campus, and love just the whole dynamic of everyone there,” said Perucci. While at Tufts, Perucci wants to most likely major in something science related. Tufts is super strong with academics concerning the medical field, and Perucci hopes to accrue expertise in that area. Perucci hopes to engage with the campus through clubs, other activities, and possibly Greek life. 

While Tufts was always an attractive option to Perucci, there were other universities she debated committing to, like MIT. Perucci ended up choosing Tufts because she believed it to be more tailored to her interests in medical field related science. 

While softball is the sport Perucci has committed to play for the coming years, she has a history with many other sports. At one time when she was younger, people could find her engaged in six or seven sports, and she dropped sports as time went on. Her main focuses ended up being basketball and softball, however she stopped playing for the SJHHS Varsity basketball team after sophomore year, when she decided to pursue a more academically rigorous course load.  

While she did have to compromise with basketball, Perucci is excited about her commitment for the next few years at Tufts. “Softball has been the sport I have loved the most over the years, so I have just stuck with it,” said Perucci.