Ryan Marin Exceeds Academically as a Sophomore


Katie Brubaker

Sophomore, Ryan Marin, is currently taking 3 AP classes and plans on possibly taking 5 next year. He is also considering taking college classes at Saddleback and UCI.

Riley Goodfellow, Co Editor-In-Chief

As a sophomore, most students are struggling to transition and manage their time, but Ryan Marin is achieving at high levels.

Marin has a 4.0 unweighted GPA and his weighted GPA is a 4.65. “I’m taking 3 AP classes,” said Marin.

He is taking AP Euro, which is typical of a sophomore, but he is also taking AP Physics 1 and AP Calculus BC which is a high accomplishment for a student his age.

What’s even more impressive is that next semester, Marin will be taking Linear Algebra at Saddleback Community College as well as other math courses at the University of California Irvine. Marin’s schedule next year will possibly consist of five APs.

My physics teacher, Mr. Groothuis, is a pretty big inspiration”

— Ryan Marin

On top of his amazing academics he participates in extracurricular activities. “I’m involved in the Pit Orchestra and the Marching Band,” said Marin. he plays the Alto Saxophone in both these activities.

Furthermore he is part of the Academic Decathlon which recently broke SJHHS’ Academic Decathlon record. The team won thirty individual medals of which Marin earned 6. He got 1st place in Music and Math, earning a perfect score of 1000/1000 in the latter category.

Marin also earned 2nd place in the Art, and Economics categories, 4th place in Science, and 5th place in Language and Literature.

“My physics teacher, Mr. Groothuis, is a pretty big inspiration,” said Marin. He hopes to eventually become a Physics professor after college.

Some of the colleges he is interested in are MIT or University of Chicago, although nothing is set in stone.