Stallion of the Year Nominees Race to the Finish

“I have a lot of relationships with underclassmen so hopefully they will use my attributes and wisdom in the following years” – Bri Rodriguez

Riley Goodfellow, Editorial Editor

Five model students have been nominated to be Stallion of the Year, but only one winner will be announced at senior awards night May 24.

The senior candidates are Brent Archiniega, Christian Waizinger, Brianna Rodriguez, Juan Galindo, and Kate Finman. They were nominated by their teachers in a school-wide poll of teachers.

Archiniega has been heavily involved in the Drama and Theatre Department as well as ASB. He also is a Link Crew leader and a tutoring center advisor for National Honors Society (NHS).

“I try to be respectful in class. I really try to affect people and make changes in their lives and some teachers have told me that I have changed their lives with my positive attitude and I always try to make them laugh,” said Archiniega.

He wishes for his legacy to come from his kind personality. “I want to be known as the guy everyone can say ‘Hi’ to,” he said.

Waizinger has also been involved in Theatre and ASB for his entire high school career as well as Comedy Sports, Basketball, and Track and Field. He has taken over ten AP courses and can be found attending several other on campus clubs.

“I really love SJHHS, I really love my class, and I’ve always been very proud, very blessed, and very, very happy to have had the high school experience I’ve had,” said Waizinger. “These past two years especially one of the things I’ve really tried to push is helping everyone else have that same high school experience.”

He really hopes to have created a school that future Stallions can be proud of and to continue the experience that he has had for others.

Finman is highly involved at SJHHS as well. She is a part of Orchestra, Newspaper, Girl Scouts, MUN, Tennis, and is president of the NHS club.

“I want my legacy to be that students can do everything they want to and set their minds to. I also want students to know that they have a voice and have power, even as students,” said Finman.

Rodriguez is the current ASB president and is involved in Big Brother Big Sister Club, California Scholarship Federation, and is the Young Authors Club president. She also wrote a book and has been the Commissioner of Publicity for NHS for the past two years.

“I have a lot of relationships with underclassmen so hopefully they will use my attributes and wisdom in the following years” said Rodriguez. “I wrote an ASB Bible that in the next years students can look back to… because I don’t want to leave with the school not being able to get better.”

Rodriguez said “I feel like I’ve been very respectful and I try to keep relationships with my teachers as best as possible.”

Galindo is a student very involved in Dual Immersion being the president of the Two Way Immersion Club as well as being part of the schools Newspaper, Orchestra, Link Crew, and WASC. He is also the Young Democrats event coordinator as well as the Young Republican secretary and he can always be seen in ASB’s various activities.

Juan wishes to continue a legacy of inclusiveness at SJHHS. “My legacy will be that we continue to foster an environment where everyone feels welcomed and close enough to their peers, a true community where no one is left out or judged for being different. I have friends in every single friend group at this school that I almost serve as a bridge that helps connect others in different groups” said Galindo.

“It is an honor to be nominated even if I don’t win,” said Galindo.