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Taking a Break is Always an Option

Upcoming freshman college student, Isabella Smedeby, poses for the camera clad in red to represent her committment to Washington State University.
June 4, 2019

As the school year comes to a close, summer is something every student is looking forward to. Every student except seniors, who have to deal with problems more important than summer. Instead of celebrating...

Therapy Dogs: A New Addition to Campus?

Students came to the upper quad at lunch on May 28 to pet therapy dogs Irish and Swagger.
June 4, 2019

Dogs have been roaming around SJHHS campus, and might become permanent members of the campus’ staff. There have been three dogs that have visited students on campus; Hadley a yellow Labrador, and...

New Abortion Laws Wage War On Women’s Freedom

New Abortion Laws Wage War On Women's Freedom
June 1, 2019

Alabama passed legislation this month that bans abortions in almost all stages of pregnancy: with no exception for rape or incest and no consideration for the age or stability of the mother. Abortion would...

Drop the College Map?

This year The Express dropped the map but retained information about where people are going.
Is the Senior Edition map of where seniors are going really necessary?
May 28, 2019

Since 2013 The Express has included a map of where seniors are going to college (with the exception of last year, when data was not available before press time). Now, many student newspapers across...

Sustainable vs. Fast Fashion, Slow Your Roll!

Sustainable vs. Fast Fashion, Slow Your Roll!
May 12, 2019

Fast fashion acts as an efficient way to rotate trends, appeal to customers and mass produce. But what consumers don’t see are the unethically paid laborers, inhumane conditions, and unsustainable materials...

More Counselors Needed

April 30, 2019

According to the American School Counselors Association, there is on average one mental health counselor for every 500 students in the US, when the recommended rate is half of that, and SJHHS is no exception. There...

Mental Health: A Reality, Not a Fantasy

April 29, 2019

Nearly everyone has heard, or even been guilty of saying something that romanticizes mental illnesses. This is because society has told us that attempting to make these types of issues appear “quirky”...

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Art by Eva Smedeby
April 18, 2019

Young women everywhere feel ashamed of their bodies no matter their shapes and sizes, and it’s an internal struggle caused by standards that society puts on people. Girls as early as elementary or...

Affirmative Action Changes Unfair College Acceptance Policy

Affirmative Action Changes Unfair College Acceptance Policy
March 28, 2019

Whether one supports affirmative action or not, there is still a distinct gap in the rates of college acceptance not only by race but by the economic class that needs to shrink. Some people believe...

The College Scandal: Everything Comes to Light

Art by Katie Brubaker
March 28, 2019

The corruption behind the closed doors of leading educational institutions has finally come to light, and it is ugly. With top schools like the University of Southern California and Yale College being...

Summer School Sucks the Life Out of Students

Summer School Sucks the Life Out of Students
March 17, 2019

Summer school? More like the time where summer never starts. Instead of basking in the sun, hours are spent hunched by a computer screen or with a pen and paper in hand, solving equation after equation....

Costumes vs. Cosplay- Know The Difference!

The 501st Legion is a charity group made up of Star Wars fans who focus on making accurate and realistic costumes of characters. They attend several charity events, and have partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
March 14, 2019

Cosplay. The parents usually hate it, some people love it, but what is it? And why is it different from wearing a costume? Cosplay is defined as “the practice of dressing up as a character from a...

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