Anti-Trans Bills Increase Nationwide


Carter Van Zanten

Moth Golba (9) stands with the transgender pride flag in support of their community. Now with hundreds of anti-trans bills proposed, and more expected to come, it is extremely important to stand as an ally with the LGBTQ+ community.

Carter Van Zanten, Sports Editor

The trans community is under attack.

From 2015-2022, 548 anti-trans bills were proposed. In 2023 alone, about 533 anti-trans bills have been proposed in the states. 62 of them have been passed into law, and May just began. This is just the beginning of a record-shattering year, and with today’s government, it will likely continue to increase.

These bills include the restriction of transgender people from joining the military, restricting people from using restrooms that matches their gender identity, the banning of gender-affirming care, restricting transgender women from participating in womens’ sports, banning the conversation of transgender history in school, and allowing schools to out children to their parents if they identify as transgender. This is harmful to the children if the parents or legal guardians are not welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.

148 of these bills target gender-affirming care for trans-identifying people under age 18. Gender-affirming care refers to any social, legal, and medical acts that help people feel happy, healthy, and comfortable in their gender. Some examples are hormone replacement therapy (HRT), surgeries, legal name, gender marker changes, and voice therapy. If these bills pass, that means more than 300,000 trans-identifying students in the US could lose access to this crucial care.

And having been on my own journey of being transgender, I can say with confidence that having access to gender-affirming care has truly saved my life. I’ve been at my lowest, in really difficult times, but since I began physically transitioning I have had less time in the dark, and finally became happy with myself. This type of care allows me, and other trans people, to live my life honestly, safely, and happily. To take away access to this care is dangerous to the physical and mental health of the trans community.

Not to mention, these specific 148 bills prohibit and endanger the jobs of medical professionals who provide gender-affirming care for a living. Similar to abortion care prevention, states are attempting to arrest doctors or any medical provider that attempts to provide gender affirming care.

Every bill that dehumanizes, threatens, or humiliates our community makes that [the chance for trans kids to be able to live to be trans adults] harder, but there are a lot of us willing to do everything we can to make long and happy lives for our kids possible

— Flint

When I first heard about the growth of anti-trans bills, I wasn’t surprised, considering the debates over the years and a loud minority of senators and representatives in office. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not scary.

These bills continue to terrorize trans youth and attempt to eradicate our community as a whole.

“It’s easy to be an advocate when it’s safe and popular. Many of us wonder if we would have the courage during a time of a human rights crisis to stand up for ourselves and our neighbors, and that time is here and now,” said non-binary and English teacher Flint.

Although the world can be a scary place today, I believe there is a possibility of change and growth to be safer for everybody. Even if you don’t directly know a trans person, these bills will still have a large impact on your community as a whole. In reality, there are more transgender people around you than you think, and we all need to learn to be more supportive and tolerant.

There are many simple and easy ways to be an ally. Be an open ear to the trans people you may know. Have conversations in your community about these anti-trans bills. Support people on their journeys and transitions. And most importantly, respect people’s preferred names and pronouns.

To prevent more bills passing targeting the community, speak out by contacting state legislators and governors, and join peaceful protests in your area.

There are several free resources available for trans people and allies.Check out The Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Transgender Equality, GLAAD, and local resources like the LGBTQ Center Orange County.