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  • Cina Abedzadeh named new principal of SJHHS at June 12 board meeting
The month of October is Filipino American History Month. It has been designated this time of the year to honor the first Filipino American Immigrants, and was created to celebrate their stories and culture.

Filipino American History Month: A Celebration of Culture and Heritage

Alyssa Morrone, Entertainment Editor October 28, 2021

After long travels filled with hardships and pain, the first Filipino families dock in the “land of opportunities” on October 1587, creating the foundation for generations to come of Filipino Americans. In...

Seniors Macy Loren and Kendall Rogers greet freshmen at the door with candy during the Trick or Treat event.

Stallion Start Up Greets Freshmen with a Treat

Sandhya Ganesan, Co-Editor-In-Chief October 28, 2021

To facilitate school camaraderie, Stallion Startup commissioners organized a “Trick or Treat” social event for freshmen on campus. Stallion Startup commissioners are tasked with meeting very regularly...

School was noticeably quieter the day of the vaccine mandate protest. The vaccine mandate, which will go into effect later in the school year, requires all eligible students to receive the vaccines. While this mandate has many exceptions, students stayed home in protest, significantly reducing attendance.

The Vaccine Mandate Protest Behind Monday’s Increase in Unexcused Absences

Anna Ho, Staff Writer October 21, 2021

On Monday, October 18, thousands of parents, students, and teachers across California refused to attend school to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s new vaccine mandate announced earlier this month.  The...

Governor Gavin Newsom announces that schools will have to start requiring students to be vaccinated. The plan remains to take effect, and is garnering pushback from many who are vaccine hesitant.

Governor Announces Vaccine Mandate to Take Effect in California Schools

Sandhya Ganesan, Co-Editor-In-Cheif October 18, 2021

California governor Gavin Newsom declared October 1 that California will enforce a vaccine mandate for school children ranging from grades 7-12. However, while the mandate moves towards a permanent integration...

A Red Cross Member holds box of donations for hospital delivery. Each drive marks a positive turning point for many patients in need, and the October 26th drive with CUSD is no exception to that goal.

The American Red Cross Teams with CUSD for Blood Drive

Eva Smedeby, Staff Writer October 14, 2021

The non-profit organization American Red Cross dedicates countless hours to collecting blood donations for hospitals and its patients. Blood inventory, however, is at its lowest storage since 2015, and...

The Devious Licks challenge has swept across the nation, leading to significant disruption in schools. The challenge entails students stealing or vandalizing a certain area. Pictured, a garbage tin is dumped into the toilet, and red PowerAid is smeared across the scene.

“Devious Licks” Cause Chaos on Campus

Nikki Iyer, Staff Writer October 14, 2021

The latest trend on TikTok, “Devious Licks”, has wreaked havoc on campus and the chaos isn’t over yet. The challenge started with a student filming a TikTok while stealing disposable masks from his...

Beach Officials, Declares Huntington Beach Oil Spill a State of Emergency

Sofia Bello, Staff Writer October 14, 2021

A tragic oil spill off the coast of Southern California has left marine wildlife in danger and resulted in the closure of many beaches.  With 144,000 gallons of crude oil spilled, and 23 miles of coastline...

Administrators have been working on contact tracing since the return to school. However, members on campus have recently begun to question the accuracy of the tracking.

COVID-19 Protocol Effectiveness Begins to Raise Questions

Nikki Iyer, Staff Writer October 14, 2021

When a person on campus tests positive for COVID-19, generally, the school will send out an email with an attached form notifying the SJHHS community that someone caught the virus. It will never state...

Sophia Bojorquez (12), Daniel Fernandez (12), and Mr. Serrano pose with the flags of the nations to which they belong. Sophia and Daniel are Mexicanamerican and Mr. Serrano emigrated from Spain at 23 years old.

Hispanic Heritage Month Inspires Reflection

Gabby Laurente and Sandhya Ganesan October 14, 2021

With Hispanic Heritage month coming to a close, many students and staff on campus reflect on what the month means to them, and how their pride lasts for more than just one month.   Hispanic Heritage...

The SJHHS Academic Decathlon team succeeded in the virtual competition held last year and became the first team from CAPOUSD to make it to the state division.

Academic Decathlon Kicks Off Season

Sydney Wolfe, Staff Writer October 5, 2021

With the return back to campus, the Academic Decathlon team at SJHHS will begin recruiting new members for their upcoming season. The theme of the 2021-22 Academic Decathlon competition, “Water: A Most...

From left to right, assistant principals Amanda Bratcher, Alexandra Easton, Brian Brosamer, and Heather Bosworth smile next to Stanley the Stallion, ASB Advisor Brooke Valderrama, and principal Manoj Mahindrakar. Easton is a returning assistant principal, while the other three are new to the position.

Behind the Desk: Introducing Three New Assistant Principals

Nikki Iyer and Cooper Aitken October 3, 2021

This year, SJHHS is welcoming three new assistant principals: Heather Bosworth, Brian Brosamer, and Amanda Bratcher. Each new administrator is excited to get to know the campus, students, and SJH community.    Heather...

SJHHS is currently accommodating around 3,000 students. This large number has led to traffic congestions in the parking lot before and after school.

Efforts by Administration and Petitions by Students Work to Reduce Traffic

Nikki Iyer, News Editor September 29, 2021

SJHHS currently has around 3,000 students on campus. As expected, 3,000 students in a one way in, one way out parking lot has not gone over well with students and parents.  “Because we have more...

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