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  • Makeup registration Monday, August 12 (8:00 am to 11:00 am)
  • Freshman registration August 6 (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
  • Junior registration August 6 (8:00 am to 11:00 am)
  • Sophomore registration August 5 (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
  • Senior registration August 5 (8:00 am to 11:00 am)
  • Cina Abedzadeh named new principal of SJHHS at June 12 board meeting
SJHHS K-pop club members perform the song Oh My God by G-idle. This song, sung almost entirely in Korean was selected by the members and the dance portion, overseen by club leader Mariagne Pablo, was performed at dance fusion 2022.  Photo by Lexi Odekirk

The K-Pop Club Bonds, Learns, and Performs Together

Lexi Odekirk, Staff Writer February 23, 2023

K-Pop is gaining popularity on and off campus, with the SJHHS K-Pop club going from zero to 26 members just this past year. Senior Mariagne Pablo immigrated from the Philippines in middle school, joined...

Co-anchor Gavin Blackwell (12) is filmed inside the F Building studio. The students produce the anchor scenes for The Mane Event.

Behind The Lens of The Stallion Newscast

Joaquin Serrato, Multimedia Editor February 16, 2023

From brainstorming story ideas to editing the video segment, there are several steps the broadcast journalism class completes each week to produce their newscast, The Mane Event. The first semester...

Many prominent albums from different points in time define the sound of entire genres and take them to new levels.

A Spotlight on Alternative Music

Celeste Cariker, Copy Editor February 14, 2023

Shoegaze Shoegaze first popped up in the United Kingdom in the 1980s and eventually spread to the United States in the early 1990s. It originated from the 1980s neo-psychedelic new wave movement. Inspiration...

Dancers Kate Hoskin (10), Renne Trice (10), Maggie Flores (10), Grace Ober (10), Alexa Delgado (10), Evelyn Velazquez (11), and Olivia Carrillo (11) practice for the upcoming showcase. Their dance tells the story of a robbery.

Dance Student Choreography Show Takes to “The Dark Side”

Avery Koenig, Arts/Graphics Editor February 5, 2023

Star Wars. Medusa. Despicable Me. What “The Dark Side” really means is up for interpretation, but at the upcoming dance show, the audience will discover what it is to the SJHHS dance program.  With...

 Lisa Gnielinski (11) plays Gertrude the one-feather bird (center), she leads the cast of “Seussical” downstage as they all sing, “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think”. Nathaniel Chin (12) plays the Cat in the Hat (Left).

“Seussical” in Photos

Sofia Bello, Photo Editor February 5, 2023

After Kayne West’s anti-semetic tweet, demonstrators have come to his defense and taken their stand against the Jewish people. They went about this by hanging signs stating that Kayne was in the right, as well as numerous others along the 405 Freeway.

Students Disagree on Support for Kanye West After Antisemitic Tweets

Joaquin Serrato, Multimedia Editor November 17, 2022

Peanut butter and jelly. Tom and Jerry. Kanye West and controversy. One cannot live without the other.  During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, West found himself in controversy with Taylor Swift....

Midnights Graphic by Gabriella Bello

Taylor Swift Album Sparks Mixed Reviews

Mia Tickell, News Editor November 3, 2022

The culmination of 13 sleepless nights created the fastest and best-selling album of 2022, Midnights. Taylor Swift's tenth studio album is a mix of a synth-pop soundscape, as she sings about her own "journey...

Video Production and Broadcast Journalism teacher, Jason Zuidema, shows Maxim Dubrovsky (9) the parts of a video camera.

From the Navy to the Emmy’s, Arts Teacher Has Done It All

Joaquin Serrato, Multimedia Editor October 20, 2022

A naval journalist and Emmy-winning cameraman, Jason Zuidema now teaches Broadcast Journalism and Video Production in the F building. He is excited to share his professional experience with SJHHS students.  His...

Onlookers watch as Marie Curie, portrayed by Allison Piwonka (11), discusses the benefits of the newly discovered element, radium in a press release. The radiation emitted by radium was not known to be dangerous at the time, and many believed that ingesting radium would benefit ones health.

Radium Girls: A Deadly Case

Sofia Bello, Photo Editor October 20, 2022

Students in Paint Crew work together to create brick walls for the Radium Girls set. Radium Girls is a play based on the real Radium Girls of 1926, who worked in factories painting watch dials with luminous paint, unaware that it consisted of radium, a toxic chemical.

Stallion Theatre Company Brings the Historic Radium Girls to the Stage

Nolan Crosby, A&E Editor October 6, 2022

Radium Girls tells the story of the discovery of the 88th element, Radium. The story follows the girls poisoned by radium in a watch painting factory and the fault the companies played in their illnesses....

We Asked Students to Rank the Top Trending Netflix Shows, Heres What They Picked:

We Asked Students to Rank the Top Trending Netflix Shows, Here’s What They Picked:

This summer, many San Juan Hills students spent their time binging some of the most popular shows on Netflix. Members of our staff asked 155 students to rank the top ten trending shows, and here are the...

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