New College and Career Center to Open in December


Claire Stafford

Students working in the newly renovated library at SJHHS. Here students can receive tutoring as well as anything college and career related assistance.

Maureen Pike

The SJHHS library is more than just books. Soon, the library will be home to a College and Career Center, to help students with any needs they have regarding college applications, financial aid, choosing a career path, and much more. 

The College and Career center will be located in the back of the library, and  include new furniture and student desks.

Representatives Jessica Yazdani and Lynne Bell will be available in the center to answer any questions students may have. 

“I can help students when it comes to pretty much anything college and career related. Students can come in there to get help with not only college application questions but financial aid application questions, if they want some resources for career exploration, if they need help with their resume, if they need help identifying a college major, volunteering opportunities, all that good stuff,” said Yazdani

All grade levels can take advantage of the center to prepare for college.

“I can help students when it comes to pretty much anything college and career related

— Jesssica Yazdani

“Typically in the fall I work closely with seniors and juniors and in the Spring semester I’ll be able to work with freshmen and sophomores,” said Yazdani.

Bell works closely with the career technical engineer classes on campus and helps students register for classes close to their specific career field.

“In addition to coming and just asking for help when it comes to college or career, students will be able to utilize it as a workspace. If they want a quiet place to study or do homework they are welcome to enter that space as well,” said Yazdani.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will be on December 16. The College and Career Center will open with all the old and new amenities on December 16 and until then, the library is open and available for its usual purposes.