Freshman on Varsity Receives Five College Offers


Photo Courtesy of Weston Port

Weston Port (9) hopes to keep up his hard work and love for the game, for many more years to come.

Sofia Bello, Staff Writer

Train, sleep, football, repeat. His life and dream since a young age. 

Weston Port, a freshman on the varsity football team, has received full ride scholarships from five colleges. The University of Oregon State, Louisville, Nevada Las Vegas, Utah, and Georgia have all given Port offers. 

“It didn’t really set in for a while. I didn’t really know how to feel about it until a couple days later, and then it was just like, wow this is crazy,” said Port. He mentions that his coaches, teammates, and family are all supportive and happy for him throughout the process. 

As a freshman, Port has a lot on his plate. From dealing with training that can last until 8:30 p.m. to his academics, he is tasked with finding a balance and avoiding being stressed.  

With these schools’ offers now on his back, Port knows he has to keep up his game, but he doesn’t feel an added pressure. Playing football is what Port is made of, so he doesn’t feel that he has to change the way he views that game, as it is a part of him. 

“I play the game because I love it, enjoy it, and it’s fun,” said Port. He has always known his strengths and weaknesses, but he won’t let anything bring down his stride. Going into games, Port is always prepared and ready to do anything for the team. 

Playing college football has always been a big goal for  Port. He expresses how he had “grown up a huge BYU fan, it is one of [his] top five schools.” 

For Port, it would be a dream for him to play on their team. Ever since first grade, he has been in love y with the sport and knew this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.