SJHHS Girls Water Polo Makes History


Photo by Riley Goodfellow

Kimora Farry (11) winds up to take a shot in the girls' second round CIF game against Hillcrest.

Makayla Walders, Staff Writer

SJHHS’s girls varsity water polo team just wrapped up their most successful season the program has ever seen.

The girls created history bringing home their very first league title and making it into CIF for the first time. With a standing of 21-5, they made SJHHS proud, as they advanced through three rounds of CIF.

“It was a very exciting and pretty iconic season,” states senior captain Lacey Hall who helped lead the stallions to victory in their second round CIF win against Hillcrest.

‘It was a very exciting and pretty iconic season.’”

— Lacey Hall (12)

Hillcrest, ranking first in division five, was blown out of the water 12-4 by SJHHS who holds the second place position. Junior captain Kimora Farry led the team in goals scored with five, followed by captain Lacey Hall and freshman Ruby Hodge who both scored three.

Capistrano Valley, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and Trabuco Hills were among the other teams the girls defeated on their road to a league title. Going 8-0 in league, these triumphs can be credited to a team of determined players with exceptional chemistry.

Though they are a developing team, they are “close knit despite the age differences,” states Hodge (9), who is among the seven underclassmen in the team of twelve.  Kicking off their high school polo careers on the right note, these seven can only go up from here. While having a predominantly young team may be a challenge for some, girls water polo has proven that this is not the case for them.

The girls acknowledge that having some fun together is one of the many components to their success. They enjoyed “singing loudly on bus rides and blasting music in the bathroom before winning league,” as Farry states. Hysterical on the pool deck, but unstoppable in the water.

Fighting hard, the stallions made it to round three of CIF, but unfortunately lost in a tough match against Roosevelt High School. However, this one loss doesn’t define the well fought and hard earned season the girls had- a historical one to say the least.

From girls volleyball to surf, girls basketball and soccer, SJHHS’s athletics is growing stronger by the year, girls water polo is just another one on the list.