Kickin’ it to Victory With Girls Soccer


Photo courtesy of Michelle Nicoloff

Lauren Precioso attempts to keep possession of the ball away from the Tritons and pass it to one of her teammates. San Clemente and San Juan would tie in the end 1-1

Jack O'Connor, Sports Editor

This year’s girls varsity soccer team had to compete in a new division with tougher teams, but  the team wasn’t far behind their 5-0-3 record from last year.

The season began against Tesoro High School. A mostly uneventful first and second half of the match saw the end score being 0-0.

Game two for the Stallions was against Dana Hills High School. Much like the previous match, against Tesoro, the final score was 0-0.

San Clemente High School would be the next opponent. The first half went 0-0 with no team pulling ahead, yet. In the second half however, San Juan Hills scored once, but San Clemente scored two more times and ended the match 2-1. This would be the Stallion varsity team’s only loss in league.

San Juan’s fourth match in league would be against Aliso Niguel High School. The Stallions and the Wolverines were unable to score any goals and ended the game 0-0.

Halfway through the season, the team hadn’t won a game and was only able to score one goal in four games. With a record of 0-1-3, it looked as if the team wouldn’t even come close to their record from last season. However, the team would manage to turn their luck and score a lot of goals.

The Stallions would manage to score four goals against Tesoro for the second time in league. The first half ended with each side scoring one goal each. The second half would see Tesoro score one more goal, but the Stallions managed to score three more goals in the last half. Olivia Wyckoff, Lauren Precisio, Brynn Christenson, and Mikayla Robertson all scored. The score ended 4-2 in the girls varsity team’s first win of the season.

There was really good leadership with the seniors and everyone just fit together and played together nicely”

— Corrine Hunnicutt

Varsity soccer player, Corrine Hunnicutt, said, “there was really good leadership with the seniors and everyone just fit together and played together nicely.

Girls varsity soccer would then play Dana Hills for the second time in league. Junior, Brynn Chirstenson, scored the winning goal for San Juan Hills and ended the game 1-0.

The Stallions would play San Clemente, first in league, who last time defeated San Juan. After a goal by San Clemente, Olivia Wyckoff managed to score an outstanding goal and ended the game 1-1.

“Amanda Haimes had some insane saves that has kept us in the game,” said varsity captain Abby Hazen.

The last match in league would be against Aliso Niguel. Making the Stallions record in league 2-1-4 and getting third in league.

Hazen attributes a lot of the team’s success to their coach because, “Coach Moore is the best coach ever, she is so supportive and very encouraging when we are on the field,” said Hazen.

Coach Moore is the best coach ever, she is so supportive and very encouraging when we are on the field”

— Abbey Hazen

The team’s first four matches of league saw zero wins, three ties, and one loss. In the second half of league, the team managed to make a comeback and got two victories against teams they had previously tied to and a tie from the team that had beaten them before. They also increased their goal tally from one goal in the first half of league to six goals in the second half of league.

“Next year, the team should learn to work together a little bit quicker and a bit earlier on in the season instead of waiting halfway through the season like we did,” said Hazen.

The girls varsity team managed to somehow play just as well as they had last year, even with tougher competition and more pressure on them. “The team has done really really well, we moved up to D-1 from D-2 and we were in third place (in league), so we did pretty good,” said Hazen.