Cross Country Goes the Extra Mile


Jack O'Connor

The SJHHS varsity boys’ cross country begins the Orange County Championship in the cold rain. The team starts in a desperate sprint to take an early lead. With victory ahead, the boys are determined to win.

Isabella Mahar, Staff Writer

Cross country is about halfway through the season. With CIF in mind and more races to come, there is a sure chance of becoming victors in league and defeating the other schools in the Sea View League.

This season’s top runners are Dalton Flores, Caden Foy, and Justin Nguyen for the boys, and Katie Hansen, Solei Sarmiento and Corrine Hunnicutt for the girls.   

This season is especially exciting for the girls, due to the fact that several freshman girls have joined the team, such as Shirin Dunker who is on the varsity team. Dunker’s best race was the Woodbridge Race where she won a medal competing in varsity.  

On September 8th, cross country participated in the Laguna Hills Invitational where the boys placed 7th and the girls placed 3rd. The top three boys from SJHHS were Foy at 17:18.5, Flores at 18:05.5, and Josh Dalo at 18:45.3. The top three girls were Hansen at 20:17.7, Sarmiento at 20:58.1, and Julia Ransom at 22:49.7.

The Dana Hills Invitational was on September 26th, where the boys’ varsity team placed 12th, and the girls’ varsity team did not place. The top three boys from SJHHS were Dalo, at 16:51.3, Nguyen at 17:03.3, and Flores at 17:06.5. For the girls’ team, the only participants in varsity were Hansen at 18:40.0, and Gianna Velasco at 25:53.9.

In the Woodbridge Cross Country Classic, the boys’ varsity team placed 21st and the girls’ team didn’t participate. The top three boys were Joseph Sgonzos at 16:20.3, Dalo at 16:29.1, and Cole Bourne at 16:55.0.

On October 6th, in the Clovis Invitational the girls’ varsity team placed 29th, and boys’ varsity team placed 28th. The top three girls in the meet were   Hunnicutt, Tommi Carvalho and, Ransom with times of 21:19.0, 21:19.7 and 21:22.6. The top three SJHHS runners for the boys’ team were Flores, at 17:30.8, Foy, at 17:43.4, and Nguyen at 17:43.8.

Cross country participated in the OC Championship on October 13, where the girls’ varsity team placed 7th, and the boys’ team placed 8th. The top three girls were Hansen, Sarmiento and Hunnicutt with times of 19:25.4, 20:06.4 and 20:49.9 respectively. SJHHS’ top three boys in this meet were Flores, running a 17:21.8; Foy, running a 17.25.4, and Nguyen, running a 17:28.

As for the rest of the season, Coach Price is expecting both teams to do well. This season, he thinks that the girls’ team will do especially well, due to the fact that they have a lot of good freshman on the team. However, it will be a bit more challenging for the boys team this season because they moved up a league this year, where they will face tougher competition.