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Girls Volleyball Goes Undefeated

Isabella Colby, Clubs Editor

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This year, girls’ volleyball is destroying their competition. The whole team is excited for the rest of the season and more victories to come.

So far, they’ve had four victories, one being Dana Hills. Team Captain, Madison Beebe describes them as their strongest competition.

This is Beebe’s third year on varsity volleyball, and her first as team captain.

“Every practice we work super hard, and outside of practice we have been connecting as a team.” says Beebe.

In sports, there has to be a mixture of individual skill and skill as a group, and this team has shown that they can do both. Their success as a group is owed to their hard work at practice and the close relationships they have formed outside of the school setting.

“We make sure that we are bonding with each other and gaining trust with each other. This helps us to succeed in our games.” says Beebe.

We make sure that we are bonding with each other and gaining trust with each other. This helps us to succeed in our games”

— Madison Beebe

One individual that stands out on the team, according to Beebe, is senior, Abbey Dayton.

“Abbey Dayton sticks out to me, she is a senior as well,” Beebe said.

Dayton plays the position of outside hitter, and Beebe said that she is a very strong player on the team.

The team is made up of a group of really close girls who are not only teammates, but also a family that can trust each other on and off the court.

“All the girls are so nice so it is kind of like a family, the coach is fun and we all just have fun playing together,” says Beebe.


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About the Writer
Isabella Colby, Staff Writer

Bella is a sophomore at SJHHS and is excited to be joining The Express for her first year! Bella enjoys playing lacrosse with her teammates. Her favorite subject is English because she loves reading and writing. She hopes to pursue a career as a writer in the fashion industry someday.

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