A Tale of Two Halves

The first half was dominated by the Stallions and in the second half it all fell apart.


Kate Meyers

Caden Vaughn, 27, looks for stoppage.

The Stallions played a non-conference home game against the 112th ranked Huntington Beach Edison Chargers in what seemed to be an eye-opener at every corner of the field from the edge of the End Zone to the crowded sidelines, but there were two different halves in this particular game.

The Chargers triumphed when they faced off against San Juan Hills, and this last game was tough for them but they eventually won. Edison promenaded over San Juan Hills with points to spare, winning the game 33-14. Edison got off to a stagnant beginning, which kept them at a 0-7 disadvantage over the powerhouse Stallions. The Edison offense then took the wheel in the second half, scoring 33 points. Even 2-2 record for Edison. 1-3 San Juan Hills.

“Very blessed to coach this team,” Coach Rocky Brown says about his beloved team, “Tonight’s game was a tale of two halves and I thought that our defense played of the best first halves of football I have ever seen.”

Best FIRST half indeed. It all begins with a fumble and the Stallions have recovered the ball on Edison territory thanks to Senior OT Darius Jackson (25 Solo Tackles). Senior WR Carson Lewis (6 catches, 1 TD) has the ball thrown to him by Junior QB Bryce Crider (TBY 256 yards, 2 TD’s) and the ball is moving up spotted at the 3rd yard line.

Chase Monarch (Senior with 10 Carries, 15 Total Rushing Yards) on the carry to take it one yard with 2nd and Goal, meanwhile the time is going only at 10:25. This is one of the greatest opportunities the Vegas Gold has to score.

Tonight’s game was a tale of two halves and I thought that our defense played of the best first halves of football I have ever seen.”

— Rocky Brown

Edison now with the ball and what seemed like a touchdown, the officials stop it just inches away from that sacred line. The play then goes but turnover on downs by Edison with the Stallions in possession of the ball. The ball is resting on the 9 yard line and Edison can’t move overdue to strong defense. 4th and 7 and the Stallions are putting up a fight and the ball rolls in at the 41 yard line for yet another chance to cross the Edison defense.

Ball thrown and in a blink of an eye as Wide Receiver Joey Holbert (4 Catches, 46 TRY, 1 TD) scores thrown by Bryce Crider. 7-0  7:47 in the First Quarter. The ball down at the 2 yard line stopped by the Stallions. It seems like the Stallions are not letting the Chargers leave the blue turf of their own touchdown, not at least in the first half.

Chargers are trying to leave the End Zone because they do not want to risk a safety on their part. Chase Monarch, the ball carrier moving thru the holes. Edison QB under pressure with a big play by Edison trying to flip the field and finally not get forced to their own touchdown. The crowd can feel the intensity that the Stallions are putting on the Chargers as every single play. and toss can be analyzed by the fine defense of the Vegas Gold.

As if the 1st quarter wasn’t enough, Edison is coming in quick now with the defense they promised to bring to this game.

Illegal participation call delays the game keeping it at 9:46 favor on the Chargers. The Illegal participation call was against the Chargers. Huge fake while the kicker runs 35 yard line 1st and 10 Chargers.

Jonah Johnson, Caden Vaughn, Sean Rhyan, Darius Jackson, making the most of their time on the field. Delay of game Chargers making it 3rd and 30.

The Chargers are slowly pushing the defense back with the ball on 8 yard line with the Chargers hoping to get some digits on the board before halftime. Time crunch at 3 minutes and the crowd shouting defense holding them so that there will not be a spark charged up or starting for Edison. It seems like the Chargers have been trying to score forever and yet the Stallions are stopping them just inches and the Chargers call an emergency timeout with only 34 seconds before the half. No touchdown with the stop needed on the 1st yard line thanks to yet again another hold by the Blue defense.

Chargers now cleaning some things up coming into the second half and who knows what might be happening now. The Stallions are now pushing the Chargers out to the sidelines as they slowly advance on the outside.

Touchdown Edison with Nathan Nabal #7 from the Chargers with a swooping pass on the back off the End Zone. 66 yard drive. 7-7 with 7:38 on the 3rd Quarter.  Chargers are moving up with the ball on the 49 yard line with a huge run and if the defense hadn’t been there at the right time then the Stallion Territory would’ve been invaded.

The rest just go back and forth. 49 yard drive by Edison’s Ryan Rivituso with a  touchdown 6:27, 3rd Quarter: 14-7 Edison. Touchdown Carson Lewis (6 catches, 1 TD) lone coverage with no one in sight! 14-14 4:50 4th Quarter. Pick 6 Tanner Nelson with miscommunication by the Stallions and the Chargers opening it up at the Fourth Quarter 10:55 28-14.

Now that Edison has had the time to catch up there motivation has been sparked and are really moving the Stallions and making them reach for it now.

29 yard attempt kick on 4th down for Edison and it is good at 9:00, 31-14. But a safety is brought by Edison on the Stallions making the score to beat 33-14. “Even though we are losing, we are fighting our strongest out there,” said by Place Kicker Jake Godfrey (#18)

Despite holding the lead for the first quarter, the Chargers end victors and the Stallions will have to step it up next game if they want to move up to even record slowly but surely.

In a by week Edison takes on the Tritons at home at 7:00 PM while San Juan Hills will stay at home as well as  tomorrow against Tesoro at 7:00 PM.